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Happies person in the world finalists and maria veitola

Follow the stories behind the worlds happiest people

While aiming to become the happiest city in the world, Vaasa is also hoping to find the world’s happiest person and unlock their secret to life. Journalist Maria Veitola has also been invited to take part in this search, and in the video series she will be making for Vaasa, she intends to delve into the life stories and elements of happiness in this candidate city.

The three finalists in the world’s happiest person competition are Maija Mäki, Anni Ruostekoski and Sebastian Da Costa. They are eager to tell more about their secrets to happiness. (Audio – FI/SV, on Maijas video a bit of english. Subtitles FI/SV.)

You can vote your favorite on finnish or swedish campaign site.

− Every one of us has an inner voice who can tell which way to go in life. Most of us just won’t listen, says Maija.

− To me, happiness means that I get to execute my life through my own values, smiles Anni.

− We are born happy, there is nothing more to it. Happiness is easy but if you try too hard it’s difficult, tells Sebastian.

Vaasa is aiming to be the worlds happiest city

Read the results of Happiness Survey in Finnish or in Swedish.

Read more about Vaasa.

Our own happiness researcher, Professor Markku Ojanen, guides Vaasa and the people of Vaasa on the path to happiness by sharing, among other things, the tips published on this page. At the end of January, Markku Ojanen gave a happiness lecture to Vaasa residents. The video is spoken in Finnish and subtitled in Finnish and Swedish.

Onnellisuustutkija Markku Ojanen

Happiness researcher – Markku Ojanen

Markku Ojanen is a long-standing researcher of happiness. He is Professor Emeritus of Psychology at the University of Tampere. Markku has written 37 books on the subject, so he has a solid vision and knowledge of what makes a person happy and why and how people can invest in their own happiness.

Two girls at the beach.

Happiness Survey 2021

The aim of the survey was to find out the level of happiness experienced by the residents of Vaasa and their satisfaction with the services provided by the city. The winner of a prize draw will be offered a hotel night for 2 people in a suite with a private sauna at Hotel Astor, as well as 2 tickets to Vaasan kaupunginteatteri (Vaasa City Theatre).

You too can answer the 2021 Happiness Survey!

Read the tips for happiness

In the happiness survey, we asked the people of Vaasa for their own tips on what to do if they are feeling down. So here are some genuine Vaasa tips that can be used for whenever you need cheering up or to build up your own or someone else’s happiness.


Use local services

You answered that cultural services are especially enjoyable.


Help other people

You answered that meeting friends, relatives and family is a pleasure.


Take care of yourself

“I play music loudly and dance. It always works.”


Suggest a happiness tip of your own!

Everyone has a special way to produce those successful feelings of well-being and contentment. What is your tip to give to others? Share your own tips to the delight of everyone else. By submitting a tip, you agree to the use of your first name when the tip is published.

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