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Wasa Station havainnekuva

Wasa Station

Wasa Station is both a multifunctional complex and a pioneer in energy-efficient construction, which has been designed to replace the old bus station in Vaasa.

Wasa Station is planned to be an urban meeting place and event centre, which will include a music hall, a sports and multipurpose hall, a hotel, apartments and a shopping centre.

The developer of the Wasa Station project is the YIT construction company. The Wasa Station multifunctional complex is planned to replace the old bus station area in Vaasa.

Vaasa will have a spectacular landmark, a vibrant city attraction and an event centre.

Wasa Station figures

  • shopping centre 18 800 m2
  • music hall 11 000 m2
  • multipurpose hall 3 500 m2 (incl. sports and trade fairs)
  • hotel 178 rooms
  • apartments 110
  • parking space for about 600 cars
  • parking space for about 600 bicycles

City of Vaasa’s role

The City of Vaasa will finance the construction of the music hall and will be responsible for the operations and operating costs of the music hall once the complex is completed.

The other parts of Wasa Station (shopping centre, apartments, hotel and restaurant, multipurpose hall) are privately owned, i.e. financed by the developer (YIT) and investors.

Music hall

The music hall will host a wide range of activities ranging from light music concerts to fairs, congresses and training events, as well as operatic and orchestral performances.

Estimated number of days in use per year:

  • 50 concerts per year
  • City orchestra 50 days: 24 concerts + rehearsals
  • Fairs for 30 days
  • Big meetings and congresses for 20 days
  • Smaller meeting rooms for 45 meetings per month
  • Other events: more than 40

The music hall accommodates up to 1,800 spectators.

Benefits and project costs

Wasa Station will increase Vaasa’s tax revenue by an estimated €1.1 million per year through, among other things, 400 permanent jobs and property tax. It is also estimated that there will be many indirect benefits created from the project.

The music hall will provide the city with an estimated annual revenue of €1,7 million, and operating costs have been estimated at €3.4 million per year.

The sports facilities will be leased to the Onkilahti Comprehensive School (Onkilahden yhtenäiskoulu) as gymnasium space. In this way, the city avoids two major investments (€5,4 million): a thorough renovation of the Onkilahti Comprehensive School gymnasium and the construction of a separate ball hall.

A pioneer in energy-efficient construction

An innovative and cost-effective total energy system has been developed for the Wasa Station multifunctional complex.

The energy solutions to be utilised are, for example, geothermal heat, solar heating and solar power. The goal is to have a block that is virtually self-sufficient when it comes to energy.


Take contact

The Developer: YIT
Design: Arosuo Arkkitehdit Oy

Wasa Station workgroups and responsible persons in the city of Vaasa
Head of the project, member of the management group: Markku Järvelä
Operation and branding, member of the management group: Christina Knookala
Project manager, construction investment: Tapio Ollikainen
Finance and company forms: Jan Finne
Real estate contracts: Petur Eklund
Quality group and urban planning: Päivi Korkealaakso