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Nainen meren äärellä

Life is meant to be easy

Finland is full of humble cities, but Vaasa isn’t one of them. We believe that a good life comes from having the courage to be proud of ourselves and not being ashamed to show it to others. Contrary to common wisdom, modesty is not beautiful, it is even boring. Life is definitely not meant to be lived humbly and grind you down. It can also be quite easy and there is nothing wrong with that. If you want an easier life and less hardship, then you will feel at home in Vaasa.

We have the attitude and the tools for doing it, so join us to save the world and make your dreams come true. In Vaasa, you can be exactly who you are without having to be ashamed about it. You can own a boat, pursue an ambitious international career, admire better sunsets, pay lower rents and speak exactly the language you want to speak. We simply tell our secret to those who envy us: life is supposed to be easy.