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Home and Institutional Care

The Home and Institutional Care Sector consists of four service areas: Senior Centre, Home Care, Service Housing and Institutional Care.

The Senior Centre includes a geriatric outpatient clinic, an assessment unit, sports services, volunteering, day centres, activity services and care supply.

The home care service includes Home Services Areas 1-7, Health Care Unit (Home Health Care, Home Hospital, and Rehsbilitstion Unit), Support Services, and Family Care Support.

The service house area includes: Fyrrykartano (nursing department and Eetu home), Himalayas, Präntöön Helmi, Kotiranta, Krannila and Ruukinkartano, as well as outsourced service (Carl & Carolina, Fylgia, Kaarlentupa, Onnenkaivo, Mainiokoti Isolahti and Attendo Milka Nursing Home).

The institutional care service includes the city hospital wards and the home hospital.


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