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Ilmakuva vaasa

It is easy to be happy in Vaasa

Finland is full of modest cities, but Vaasa isn’t one of them. We believe that a good life comes from having the courage to be proud of what you are without being ashamed to show it. ​

Life is meant to be easy

When others say maybe, we say yes. When others remain unsure, we act. When others stay put, we move ahead. If you want an easier fun-filled life, then make Vaasa your home.

  • More than 20 cultural destinations within a kilometre of the market square
  • An international city: 120 different nationalities & 97 languages spoken
  • Building the solutions of tomorrow: Vaasa is The Nordic Energy Capital
  • Short flight connections to the world from Vaasa, thanks to the many direct flights
  • The Kvarken Archipelago is the only natural heritage site in Finland
Nainen sadetakissa


THE SEA is part of our everyday life and gives us strength. Our close proximity to Finland’s only UNESCO Natural World Heritage Site, the Kvarken Archipelago, offers us a perspective stretching far beyond the country’s borders.



Working towards making the seemingly impossible achievable requires a lot of PASSION, courage and determination, while
standing firmly on the ground. We have the attitude and framework to achieve a happy life according to our personal needs.

Metsän istutus


POSITIVE ENERGY and a forward-thinking attitude can be felt everywhere in Vaasa, almost as if it is wired into our
DNA. Our wide range of languages and cultures allows us to discover new perspectives far beyond the normal horizon;
things are handled easily, and we are not afraid to think outside the box. We are the Nordic Energy Capital.

Future Vaasa is being build today!

We are working towards an even better Vaasa in a heartfelt way.

  • It is natural for us to combine knowledge, languages and cultures. Vaasa is the second most international city in Finland.

  • The city of Vaasa is the largest employer in the region and offers opportunities for a wide range of professionals.

  • Wasa Station is both a multifunctional complex and a pioneer in energy-efficient construction, which has been designed, to be an urban meeting place and event centre.

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