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The implementation of accessibility is often perceived as a ramp at an entrance of a building. In fact, it is a broad and complex multifaceted entity, which equalizes society and improves the citizens’ quality of life. An accessible urban environment is comprised of three components: accessible public spaces, accessible traffic, and accessible buildings.

The purpose for implementing accessibility is removing and preventing barriers for people with disabilities in their day-to-day lives. Implementing accessibility effectively requires continuous co-operation throughout the stages of a building, service or a product, from design to maintenance.

From the Accessibility perspective, possible issues in the following categories need to be considered: vision, hearing, communication and the ease of access.

One goal for the City of Vaasa is to include accessibility as a permanent part of the cityscape. Accessibility signifies quality and safety, which begins with the right outlook on accessibility and a positive attitude towards implementing accessibility in designing and building public spaces.

Here are accessibility guides for City office and social service buildings. Here is also a map of wheelchair accessible toilets in the city center.  

If you have any questions or require further information, contact the Disability and Accessibility Representative of the City of Vaasa, Tiina Mäki, or Phone +358 400 956 221.