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Activities and Nature

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  • Organised cruises

    Kvarkens skärgård, Vaasa

    Would you like to experience the Kvarken Archipelago from a new angle? Perhaps you would like to see the Kvarken’s own red ‘Eiffel tower’ at Valsörarna islands? The cruises in the Kvarken take you to both the inner and outer archipelago whose islands are little paradises in beautiful summer days.



  • Vaasan uimahalli
  • Tropiclandia indoor and outdoor Water Park

    Kesäpolku 1, Vaasa

    Tropiclandia Waterpark is a dream-come-true for a family that loves water.  Water slides, waves, waterfalls, bubble baths, exotic saunas. At the outdoor water park  wild water slide chutes, two activity pools for children, a Jacuzzi and ample space for lying and relaxing in the sun, as well as terrace restaurant.

    +358 20 796 1300


  • Archipelago Tours - Vesa Heinonen

    Björkövägen 856, Korsholm

    Archipelago Tours organizes nature guidance, excursions, wandering, fishing, sailing, courses, adventurous program services and camp schools mainly in the Finnish Kvarken Archipelago.

    +358 500996927

  • Arranges programs and activities. For example: paintball, safaris, team building, competitions, sailing, swimming “on the rox” and much more.

    +358 50 553 2338

  • Vaasan uimarannat
  • Bike rental

    Pyöräilijät pyörätiellä

    You can rent bikes at these places

    Bike shop – Pyöräliike Viertola

    Kauppapuistikko 28, Vaasa
    +358 6 317 1423

    Bikes for rent around the year, for longer and shorter periods.

    Visit Vaasan information point at the market square

    Vaasa market square
    +358 40 159 8012

    Bikes for rent in the summer (3.6.-30.8.2019)
    Prices 2019: 5 €/2 hours, 15 €/more than 2 hours (maximum time from 9am to 6.30 pm)

    World Heritage bicycles for rent in the archipelago during the summer months.

    You find the rental point and prices here.


  • Botnia Hall

    Prostövägen 2, Korsholm


    Finlands biggest indoor sports hall.

    +358 20 120 1700


  • Botnia Minigolfklubb

    Niemeläntie 32, 65170 Vaasa

    Botnia Minigolf Club’s courses are located by the sea on Vaskiluoto, just outside the center of Vaasa.

    Our well-kept courses are great for both families and players that are more advanced. You can freely choose if you prefer to play on the concrete-, felt- or on our miniature golf course.

    You are also welcome to just chill on our terrace, where you can enjoy for example cold drinks, coffee or ice cream.

    +358 50 569 7924


  • Cinema Bowling

    Kauppapuistikko 18, Vaasa

    Bowling at Cinema is not just a sport – it is so much more! Arrange a bowling experience with us, for the staff, customers or with friends. Order light snacks in advance, also drinks can be ordered in advance or directly from the bar.

    +358 20 719 1919


  • Edvin's Path

    Aleksis Kiventie 59, Vaasa

    Historia och kultur i form av Edvin Hevonkoskis trä- och metallskulpturer, mitt ute i naturen längs Vapenbrödrabyns motionsstig. För tillfället finns det över 100 namngivna konstverk eller grupper av konstverk. Korsu-museet består av en manskapsbunker fylld med krigstids föremål, underhållsbunkern Töpinä samt en rökbastu, allt autentiskt från II:a världskriget.

    +358 50 560 6496


  • FindOut Vaasa

    Rewell Center, Vaasa

    Find Out Vaasa

    Your team is locked in a room and you need to find the way out – if you can! You need to get through a series of puzzles, challenges, locks and riddles to escape. You have one hour to solve all the puzzles, make it out of the room and play out your part in the story.

    Our customers are groups of friends, corporate teams, hen and stag parties, families, societies as well as others in search of fun and new experiences. Book a game and experience how Escape game FindOut is abnormal, fun and surprisingly useful!

    +358 40 024 7090


  • Floating Sauna

    Hietasaari 6, 65100 Vaasa

    Floating Sauna is a 6 x 10m sauna raft that is located close to the centre of Vaasa. Cruise in the beautiful archipelago of Vaasa while enjoying a warm and relaxing sauna bath. Maximum of 12 people is allowed on board.

    During the winter the sauna raft is placed at Island Hietasaari.

    +358 (0)40 913 4769


  • Gaia Events - Jan Gäddnäs

    Gaia Events has been operating since 1998 with a selection of activities all year around. The company arranges guided hikings and tours in the nature and on the sea, kayaking tours, fishing trips, and team work building.

    +358(0)50 581 2929

  • Guided city walk - The Noblewoman and two art patrons

    Museokatu 3, Vaasa


    On this walk we get to know Matilda Wrede, who was a friend of the prisoners, her life and her home. We will also get to know more of the sculptures of Emil Wikström. With the help of art experts, the county doctor Karl Hedman began collecting art in 1907 and was the founder of the Ostrobothnia Museum.

    Start point: The Ostrobothnian Museum, Museokatu 3.
    Tour days 2019: Wednesdays in July from 5 pm to 6.30 pm.
    Bookings one day in advance!


  • Guided Walk - Design Vaasa

    Kauppatori, Vaasa

    Come along on a guided walk through craft shop and studios to explore local culture, arts and flavours. You will be surprised how much Vaasa has to offer! Walk is approx. 2 km long.

    Start at the tourist info kiosk at the market square.
    Availability 2019: Wednesdays in July and August from 1 pm to 2.30 pm
    Book at least one day in advance!


  • Guided walk - Historical Waasa

    Kauppatori, Vaasa

    During “The historical Waasa” tour you will be acquainted with Vaasa’s statues and old, architecture dating back from the 1850’s onwards.

    Starting point: Finland’s Liberty Statue in the market square.
    Tour days 2019: July-August, on Mondays at 1-2.30 p.m.
    Book at least one day in advance!


  • Guided walk at Kappelinmäki graveyard

    Kappelinmäentie 159, Vaasa

    Opastettu_Kävely_Kappelimäen hautausmaa

    Guided walk at Kappelinmäki graveyard, we walk through the graveyard and get to hear about the history of Vaasa and notable persons buried here.

    Starting Address: Kappelinmäentie 159
    Time 2019: Tuesdays in June at 6:00 p.m.
    Bookings one day in advance!

    You find timetables for the local buses 7 and 9 here.



  • Guided Walk at Strömsö

    Strömsöntie, Vaasa

    It’s not often that a TV show focusing on household subjects manages to generate entirely new sayings. When something doesn’t work out Finns like to say “it didn’t go like in Strömsö.” In the Strömsö TV show, all the cooking, crafts and building projects are always a success. This trip gives you the opportunity to visit the set of this Swedish
    language lifestyle show in Västervik in Vaasa.

    The guided walk provides you with information about this 100 years old villa and the surrounding buildings.

    Tour days 2020: Tuesdays and Thursdays (5-6.30pm) and Saturdays (2-3.30pm) in July.
    Bookings at least one day in advance!

    Address: Strömsöntie, Vaasa
    No arranged transportation.




  • Guided walk in Old Vaasa

    Kauppiaankatu 10, Vaasa


    King Charles IX established Vaasa in 1606 in the oldest harbour and merchant site of Ostrobothnia. King Charles III established Finland’s second Court of Appeal in Vaasa. Abraham Falander (later Wasastjerna) one of Finlands richest merchants owned a tobacco spinning mill and merchant house in Vaasa. The stone house built by him in 1782 is still standing. This and many other stories will be told during the evening walk.

    Starting point: Falander house, Kauppiaankatu 10.
    Time 2019: June, on Thursdays at 5-6.30 p.m.
    Bookings at least one day in advance!