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  • Archipelago Tours - Vesa Heinonen

    Björkövägen 856, Björköby

    Archipelago Tours organizes nature guidance, excursions, wandering, fishing, sailing, courses, adventurous program services and camp schools mainly in the Finnish Kvarken Archipelago.

    +358 500996927

  • Harbors along the route Solrutten

    From Siipyynniemi in the south to Ohtakari in the north.

    The name ”Solrutten” translates to The Sunny Route in English. The concept was originally formed in the 1970’s. The operators who developed The Gulf of Bothnia’s sea lane network at that time came up with the name. Today the Sunny Coast Route stretches through 13 municipalities and towns’ sea areas along the west coast of Finland, from Kristiinankapunki in the south to Kokkola in the north.

    The routes and marinas are geographically featured according to in which municipality they are situated. As the municipalities and the regional council mediate a lot of information to travelers, we have on our part decided to create our own website based on the municipality division. In this way sailors can easily access information about the municipality they are passing through and thus making information search a lot easier.

    The archipelago of Ostrobothnia is shallow and stony. This means that navigation in the region requires a great deal of skill and care. We have decided to create the information about routes and the information given about how to approach the marinas on a basis requested by those skippers who navigate with deeper boats.

    On the web page you find route suggestions and recommended destinations. On the map, you can click on a selected location for more information about the harbor and how to approach it.


  • Beaches in Korsholm


    Mustasaaren uimarannat
  • Björkö-Panike hiking trail

    65870 Mustasaari

    Björkö-Panike-vaellusreitin saaristo-osuudella koet saaristoluonnon rauhan.

    The hiking trail of Björkö-Panike is about 13 km long and it is located mainly on the island of Slåttskär, just in the heart of the World Heritage area. Along the trail, you will experience the calmness of the archipelago and see the signs of the land uplift; moraine ridges and closed sea bays. Sheep graze in the island during the summer, just like back in the old days.

    To reach the trail, you will need boat transportation over the sounds, either from the village of Panike or from the village of Björköby. From Björköby, the boat transportation can leave either from the fishing harbour of Svedjehamn or from Långgrund’s campfire site, where you walk along a trail from Svedjehamn’s parking area (about 3,5 km).

    The book-in-advance boat transportation costs about 150 €, so it might be a good idea to go with a small group. You can choose whether you hike the trail from one end to the another, or whether you hike back to you starting point; Björkö or Panike. The second option doubles the kilometres. See the businesses offering the boat transportation here.

    About in the halfway of the island of Slåttskär, there is a lean-to, a composting toilet and a campfire site. This resting area is also popular destination for canoeists. The route is somewhat demanding, and the terrain is rocky or wet in places. Långgrund’s campfire site is accessible without a boat. You can read more about the trail to Långgrund here.

  • Bodvattnet nature trail

    Björköntie 1013, 65870 Mustasaari

    Bodvattnetin kierroksella tutustut helposti saariston luontoon ja kulttuuriin.

    Bodvattnet nature trail is about 4 kilometres long. Along the trail, you will see the De Geer moraine ridges and Bodback’s old fishing harbour. The circular trail starts and ends at the parking area in Svedjehamn harbour, in the village of Björköby. The trail is suitable for the whole family, and along the trail there is a 20 meter high observation  tower Saltkaret, a composting toilet and a campfire site with firewood. Parts of the trail to the observation tower and Bodback’s harbour can be accessed with pram and wheelchair. The observation tower has a lower viewing platform suitable for prams and wheelchairs.


  • Botnia Hall

    Prostövägen 2, Korsholm

    Bothiahall is Finland’s largest and most versatile venue for sports and exercise, as well as large and small public events. Professional workplace health promotion events, physical coaching, testing and training, personal training and group exercise.

    +358 20 120 1700


  • Cycle routs in the Vaasa Region

    Here we present 12 suggestions on cycle routes, that you can choose from when visiting Vaasa. The length of the routes is from 5.3 kilometers to almost 100 kilometers. The shorter routes take you from the center of Vaasa to the city’s surroundings, while the longest ones take you a long way out into the countryside or to the archipelago.

  • Dare2Do


    Dare2Do focuses on organizing outdoor activities with a low threshold in the Kvarken region.

    During the winter focus is on snowshoe hiking for smaller groups of maximum 10-12 people. High quality products support a good experience.

    Hiking events with different lengths from spring to fall. During the summer, depending on the weather, generally mid-May to mid-September Dare2Do offers various forms of sea kayaking for groups of up to five people with high level of safety and optimized experience in mind. Safety/rescue events/training, beginner’s try out, Half-day-Full day tours or tours with overnight stay.

    Survival skills and learning can be baked into the program with any activity.

    Retreat type of events for all activities can be planned together for an optimized enjoyable time in nature.

    +358 40 579 2874


  • Kvarken's Sea Monster – Escape Game

    Replotvägen 2, Korsholm

    A painting of a green-blue sea monster.

    Experience the Kvarken Archipelago World Heritage in a new way and play the escape game at the visitor centre World Heritage Gateway by the Replot bridge!

    The sea monster was first sighted in the Kvarken Archipelago as early as the 1800s. Now it seems to have returned to our rocky kingdom. Step into the exhibition Weichsel and track the monster down!

    Who can play?
    Our escape game can be played by adults and children from age 7 upwards. School-aged children are recommended to play with an adult. The exhibition room is accessible, so the game is also suitable for people with reduced mobility with an assistant. The game can be played in English, Finnish, or Swedish.

    Game time: 45 minutes
    Amount of players: 2-6 players

    +358 50 3466 200

  • Disc golf Courses in the Vaasa Region

    The Frisbee golf courses in the Vaasa region offer games in fantastic surroundings and varied terrain.

    On this page you find the Disc courses in Finland.

  • Gaia Events - Jan Gäddnäs

    Gaia Events has been operating since 1998 with a selection of activities all year around. The company arranges guided hikings and tours in the nature and on the sea, kayaking tours, fishing trips, and team work building.

    +358(0)50 581 2929

  • Replot history tour

    Kyrkvägen 58, Mustasaari

    Raippaluodon kirkko - Replot kyrka

    On the tour you will hear about heroic pilots, periods of oppression, smugglers, Russian military expeditions, jaegers, interesting villagers, and of course about land raising and much more. At the end of the walk, a visit to the leaning Replot Church.

    Time 2023: In August on Saturdays at 1 – 2.30 pm.
    Starting point:
    The parking lot at Replot church, Kyrkvägen 58, Replot.
    Price: 10 €/person, children u. 12 years free of charge.
    Book at least one day in advance!




  • Iskmo-Jungsund Hiking Route

    Jungsundvägen 641, Korsholm

    The trail goes through the scenic area around the lakes in Iskmo and Jungsund and starts at Jungsund sports field, Jungsund road 641. You can choose distances from 1.8 km up to 12 km. Picnic areas with the possibility of grilling, you will find at Strömssund (2 km from the start), at Kråknässkatan (3 km from start) and at Björnhällorna (6.5 km from the start). You can also start your hike from Hallonnäs, Tistronskärsvägen 98.
    You find printed maps of the trail at the starting places and also as PDF-files from this page.


  • Vaasa Kayak Rental

    Rantakatu 21, Vaasa

    Vaasa Kayak Rental offers everyone access to the sea and the opportunity to paddle in, for example, the Vaasa archipelago or the Kvarken World Heritage Site.

    Starting point is in the summer Rantakatu 21 in Vaasa where you can launch the kayak.

    If you prefer to start from some other spot, you can transport the kayak. If you rent several kayaks, we can also rent a trailer with kayak carrying rack, the trailer fits up to 10 kayaks.

    Booking alternatives:

    • 3 hours
    • whole day (9-18)
    • weekend (Fri-Sun)


    +358 40 505 5665

  • Karikaleden

    Silldisvägen 111, Korsholm

    Lenght: 1,7 kilometre

    Starting point: Silldisvägen 111, Österhankmo beach

    The rout is marked with colour and signs. There is a 13 metre high lookout tower and a place for campfire.

  • Kikanberget Nature Trail

    Klobbskatsvägen 170, Söderudden

    In Klobbskat there is a short nature trail which leads to Kikanberget (0,8 km). It starts at the coffee shop/restaurant in the harbour and leads along the shore to the top of Kikanberget.

    Easy in the beginning, to climb up the Kikanberget hill is a bit more demanding.

    To see
    geology, vegetation and animals of the land uplift shores, an observation point on the rock, foundations of former fishing huts, boat docks and piles of stones in which net-drying poles used to stand in the past.

    From the observation tower you can spot the Kvarken’s beautiful natural heritage from a total height of 25 meters. With the naked eye, the lighthouses are distinguished at Norrskär, Utgrynnan and Valsörarna. In the spring and autumn, the observation tower is a good place for bird watching.

  • Kuni Hiking Trail

    Kunivägen 100, Korsholm

    Kuni hiking trail consists of two routes: the north trail (6,4 km) and the south trail (7,9 km). The total lenght of the trail is 12,5 km and it starts at Kunintie 100 (next to the information board).

  • KvarkenEscape

    Vallgrundvägen 78, Korsholm

    Life gets so much funnier with entertainment, laughter and adventures

    KvarkenEscape offers challenges, entertainment and enjoyment for both adults and children. Our escape rooms in the Kvarken Archipelago are inspired from the life on our islands from the past and nowadays. But, perhaps with a little, okay with a bit more than little, spiced up interpretations.

    Read more about the rooms on the home page!

    +358 40 1968 441


  • Kvarkenturer

    Svedjehamn, Björköby, Björköntie, Korsholm

    Kvarkenturer arranges boat trips amongst the small rocky islands of the Kvarken Archipelago.
    We offer:
    – boat trips adaptable to your own preferences
    – prebooked trips to Valsörarna islands

    We also arrange:
    – fishing trips
    – transportation of goods / materials

    Our boat trips are arranged in a cabin boat or in an open boat. Both boats are registered for 12 people.

    +358 50 3553 924