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  • Andkil vandringsled

    463V+52 Kondivor

    Andkil hiking trail consists of two stretches, one of 1.7 km and a longer round of almost 9 km.

    Signs to the trail from Rejpeltvägen / Torrkullvägen and on towards Kondivorvägen.

    The first part of the longer stretch, consists of rising terrain, partly over boulders and rocks. Then you continue through forest, land and open landscapes. The highest point of the trail is 52 meters above sea level. Along the latter part of the trail there are places marked with signs, where the names of the places are written in dialect. The name of the places has come from old legends. Let your imagination live and invent the story behind the names of the places.


  • Arvidsstigen och Vernersstigen

    Haviståkersvägen 95, Vörå


    Start: Haviståkersvägen 95, Vörå. Stigarna startar bakom uthuset vid Arvidsgården.
    Sträcka: Arvidsstigen 1,3 km
    Vernersstigen 1,5 km

    Passar bra för alla. Även tillgänglig med barnvagn. Under sommarhalvåret finns sagofigurer och leksaksdjur längs stigarna.

    Start: Haviståkersvägen 95, Vörå. The paths start behind the outbuilding at Arvidsgården.
    Distance: Arvidsstigen 1.3 km, Vernersstigen 1.5 km

    Suitable for everyone. Also available with pram. During the summer, there are fairy tale characters and toy animals along the paths.

  • Bergö Hiking Path

    Bergövägen 45, Malax

    A seven kilometer long nature trail in the on the beautiful island Bergö.



  • Björkö-Panike hiking trail

    65870 Mustasaari

    Björkö-Panike-vaellusreitin saaristo-osuudella koet saaristoluonnon rauhan.

    The hiking trail of Björkö-Panike is about 13 km long and it is located mainly on the island of Slåttskär, just in the heart of the World Heritage area. Along the trail, you will experience the calmness of the archipelago and see the signs of the land uplift; moraine ridges and closed sea bays. Sheep graze in the island during the summer, just like back in the old days.

    To reach the trail, you will need boat transportation over the sounds, either from the village of Panike or from the village of Björköby. From Björköby, the boat transportation can leave either from the fishing harbour of Svedjehamn or from Långgrund’s campfire site, where you walk along a trail from Svedjehamn’s parking area (about 3,5 km).

    The book-in-advance boat transportation costs about 150 €, so it might be a good idea to go with a small group. You can choose whether you hike the trail from one end to the another, or whether you hike back to you starting point; Björkö or Panike. The second option doubles the kilometres. See the businesses offering the boat transportation here.

    About in the halfway of the island of Slåttskär, there is a lean-to, a composting toilet and a campfire site. This resting area is also popular destination for canoeists. The route is somewhat demanding, and the terrain is rocky or wet in places. Långgrund’s campfire site is accessible without a boat. You can read more about the trail to Långgrund here.

  • Bodvattnet nature trail

    Björköntie 1013, 65870 Mustasaari

    Bodvattnetin kierroksella tutustut helposti saariston luontoon ja kulttuuriin.

    Bodvattnet nature trail is about 4 kilometres long. Along the trail, you will see the De Geer moraine ridges and Bodback’s old fishing harbour. The circular trail starts and ends at the parking area in Svedjehamn harbour, in the village of Björköby. The trail is suitable for the whole family, and along the trail there is a 20 meter high observation  tower Saltkaret, a composting toilet and a campfire site with firewood. Parts of the trail to the observation tower and Bodback’s harbour can be accessed with pram and wheelchair. The observation tower has a lower viewing platform suitable for prams and wheelchairs.


  • City Bay trail

    Kalaranta, Rantakatu, Vaasa

    The first part of the nature trail around Vaasa Southern City Bay (Eteläinen kaupunginselkä – Södra Stadsfjärden) is now complete (opening 1.6.2022). The ten kilometer long trail runs along the shores of Vaasa from Kalaranta all the way to Risö, and along the trail, new rest areas and a completely new bridge over the Old Vaasa canal have been built.

    Facts about the route

    • Kalaranta-Risö is the beginning of an approximately 30 kilometers long outdoor trail around the City Bay.
    • Along the trail, rest areas, benches and landing places for paddlers have been built. In addition, the lighting and signs have been improved.
    • On the trail there are several culturally and historically valuable objects, which signs erected along the trail tell more about.
    • The trail is mostly accessible and, for example, from Suvilahti there is a two-meter-wide accessible passage all the way to Majakkakivi.


  • Coronastigen, Keskis

    Brännarsintie 730, Vöyri

    Start from Brännarsvägen 730.
    Routs: 1.7 km, 3.5 km and about 6 km. Along the trail a small barbecue place and a bench for resting.

  • Kurjenkierros (Crane's Path)

    Jurvantie 1259, Laihia

    About 45 kilometres long hiking route through the Nature reserve Levaneva. Starting from Rajavuoren Wild Life and Hiking Centre in Laihia.

  • Edvin's Path

    Aleksis Kiventie 59, Vaasa

    History and culture in the form of Edvin Hevonkoski’s wooden and metal sculptures, in the middle of the nature along  the nature trail in Asevelikylä. At the moment there are over 100 named works of art or groups of works of art. The Korsu Museum consists of a crew bunker filled with wartime objects, the maintenance bunker Töpinä and a smoke sauna, all authentic from World War II.

    +358 50 560 6496


  • Erklasstigen nature trail

    Skolvägen 75, Närpes

    Erklasstigen nature trail in Pörtom 2 km turn and return. Start from the graveyard in Pörtom village.

    Coordinates; ETRS-TM35FIN N: 6964124 E: 224240



  • Fållbäckstigen

    HGRR+W4 Tallbacken

    Fållbäckstigen on Högåsen in Övermark runs through the forest south of Högåsen. It is a 6.5 km long path that goes through varying terrain and is marked with yellow marks.

    Start from Högåsen’s sports cabin, coordinates ETRS-TM35FIN N: 6951949 E: 219851

    In winter there is a ski trail here

  • Fäbodstigen

    Molapne, Malax

    The rich pasture system in Malax can be experienced along this trail. Fifteen old chalet foundations have been marked along the beautiful path. At the beginning of the trail there is a board with a map and a box of brochures and along the path there are signs showing where the 15 cabins stood. The trail is about 1 km long.

  • Goljatleden hiking trail

    Vargbergets Fritidsområde, Vargberget, Närpes

    Goljatlelden is about 18 km long and marked in the terrain with signs and yellow markings. Goljatleden starts at the corner of the biathlon arena at Vargberget’s leisure center. The trail goes from Vargberget to the forest around Svartbäck and there you also find rest cabins.

    Coordinates ETRS-TM35FIN N: 6942607 E: 215212

    Map in PDF-format.


  • Gruvleden

    Gruvvägen, Korsnäs


    Gruvleden, a nature trail that shows the old mining area in Korsnäs (the mining business was active between the years 1960-1973). Starting from Gruvvägen.

    Unfortunately, the Gruvleden is closed until further notice due to high lead content.

    The mining trail (approx. 600 m) that connects the Gruvleden with the Waterloo trail is open.

    Download the map here.

  • Hamnträskets vandringsled

    P379+WM Blacksnäs

    Hamnsträskets hiking trail is located on Södra Björkö in Harrström. The swamp has a rich bird life and in the scenic area by the swamp there is a large lookout tower.

    The trail is about 2 km long and there is a barbecue area by the swamp.

    More information on

  • Herrgårdsleden

    Tottesund 529, Vörå

    The trail 3,6 kilometers long trail starts from Tottesund Manor and goes through the Manor Park, from there it takes a turn to Bytesholmsudden and returns to the Manor. The terrain varies from a and easily walked dirt road to small trails.

  • Hiking Routs in Närpes


    • Vargberget nature trail 5 km and Goljatleden 17,8 km. Start at Vargberget.
    • Tjärlax hiking trail 4,1 km or 1,7km. Start from Tjärlax camping.
    • Fållbäckstigen in Övermark 7km. Start from “Högåsens sportstuga”.
    • Erklass stigen in Pörtom 2km. Start from the cemetery.
    • Raineåsens hiking track 1,4 km to Risnästräsket.
    • Risnästräskstigen i Övermark, 0,9km to Risnästräsket och 2,1 km round the swamp. Start from Heide skogsväg.


  • Iskmo-Jungsund Hiking Route

    Jungsundvägen 641, Korsholm

    The trail goes through the scenic area around the lakes in Iskmo and Jungsund and starts at Jungsund sports field, Jungsund road 641. You can choose distances from 1.8 km up to 12 km. Picnic areas with the possibility of grilling, you will find at Strömssund (2 km from the start), at Kråknässkatan (3 km from start) and at Björnhällorna (6.5 km from the start). You can also start your hike from Hallonnäs, Tistronskärsvägen 98.
    You find printed maps of the trail at the starting places and also as PDF-files from this page.


  • Järnåldersleden (Iron Age Trail)

    Storsjövägen 443, Malax

    Well marked nature trail where you can acquaint yourself with cairns and cup stones from the Iron Age. The area was inhabited 200-700 A.D. Exuberant flora.

  • Karikaleden

    Silldisvägen 111, Korsholm

    Lenght: 1,7 kilometre

    Starting point: Silldisvägen 111, Österhankmo beach

    The rout is marked with colour and signs. There is a 13 metre high lookout tower and a place for campfire.