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Vaasa City Orchestra's concerts autumn 2017

Upcoming concerts – Autumn 2017


Our Young Finland Gala Concert
Fri 15.9. at 19.00 Vaasa City Hall

cond. Markku Lindfors
sol. Zaida Viveka, song
Sebastian da Costa, song

The gala concert which opens the City Orchestra’s autumn season is organized as a part of a national campaign against bullying, ”Tuhat Marssi – Sano ’Ei’ koulukiusaamiselle”, whose main promoter is Sebastian Da Costa, the goodwill ambassador for the Finnish Ministry of Justice. The musicians from Vaasa, rap-artist Da Costa and R’n’B singer Zaida Viveka have been visiting schools around Finland to tell about the campaign which will culminate in a concert with the Vaasa City Orchestra.

Tickets 15 / 12 / 10 €

Une soirée avec James
Thu 21.9. at 19.00 Vaasa City Hall
Music Circle (James Lowe & Essi Luttinen) tue 19.9. at 17.30 Bistro Ernst
A VIP event for subscribers after the concert

cond. James Lowe
sol. Essi Luttinen, mezzosoprano

Gabriel Fauré: Pelléas et Mélisande op. 80
Hector Berlioz: Les nuits d´été op. 7
Pertti Maaniittu: Dash, premiere
Maurice Ravel: Ma Mère l´Oye

After making a lasting impression in the past spring season’s Vappu concert, we get to enjoy again the crystalline voice of Essi Luttinen in this french-flavoured concert, when she interprets Hector Berlioz’s especially beautiful work Les Nuits d’été surrounded by works by his countrymen, Gabriel Fauré and Maurice Ravel. At the same time will start a continuing thread that will explore the music of Vaasa composers, beginning with the premiere of Pertti Maaniittu’s work Dash.

Tickets 26 / 22 / 18 €

Triptych: 3x Olli Mustonen
Thu 28.9. at 19.00 Vaasa City Hall
Fri 29.9. at 19.00 Seinäjoki Hall

Meet the Artist (Olli Mustonen) in co-operation with the culture and library services Tue 26.9. at 18.00 Draama-sali

cond. & sol. Olli Mustonen, piano
Vaasa and Seinäjoki City Orchestras

Olli Mustonen: Triptych
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Piano Concerto No. 26 in D major K. 537 “Coronation”
Ludvig van Beethoven: Symphony No. 3 in E flat major ”Eroica”

A world-famous conductor, pianist and composer Olli Mustonen returns to Vaasa! In the season’s third concert he will be seen in all of the three roles, for he will conduct Beethoven’s epic Eroica symphony, play and lead Mozart’s majestic Coronation Concerto and we also get to hear Mustonen’s ferocious and intensive work in three parts, Triptych, which received its premiere in 2016.

Tickets 32 / 27 / 22 €

The Cat In A Concert – Children’s Concert
Thu 5.10. at 18.00 Vaasa City Hall

cond. Jukka Myllys
sol. Silja Sillanpää (Katti Matikainen)
Ville Mononen (Nakkirakki)

Katti Matikainen and Nakkirakki, characters known from television and loved by children, will surely entertain the whole family! The lovely office cat and her funny dog friend will offer an evening full of laughter, singing and surprises, seasoned with the warmth of classical music.

Tickets 10 / 5 €

Allow us to introduce ourselves – Chamber Music Concert
Sun 29.10. at 16.00 Vaasa City Hall

New and old players of the City Orchestra

Erkki Melartin: String Trio op. 133
Arttu Takalo: String Quartet
Joonas Kokkonen: Woodwind Quintet

Vaasa City Orchestra’s popular and much-praised chamber music concerts will continue in the autumn season! This time the new players chosen to be a part of the City Orchestra will be in the spotlight. The musicians have once again chosen intriguing works into the program. These compositions bring out the musicians’ amazing skills and the subtle nuances of intimate playing.

Tickets 20 / 16 / 12 €

Viljo and Maire Vuorio Foundation’s Concert
Thu 2.11. at 19.00 Vaasa City Hall
Meet the Artist (Juha Uusitalo) in co-operation with the culture and library services Tue 31.10 at 18.00 Draama-Sali

cond. Jin Wang
sol. Juha Uusitalo, bassobaritoni

The City Orchestra’s former Conductor and Artistic Director Jin Wang will make his much-awaited return to Vaasa City Hall in the traditional Vuorio Foundation’s Concert. Originally emerging from Vaasa to conquer all the prominent international opera houses, bass baritone Juha Uusitalo will fill the listeners’ hearts with graceful tones as he sings Oskar Merikanto’s and Jean Sibelius’ most loved songs.

Tickets 32 / 27 / 22 €

Thu 23.11. at 19 Seinäjoki Hall
Fri 24.11. at 19.00 Vaasa City Hall

cond. Jarkko Kiiski
sol. Diandra, song
Vaasa and Seinäjoki City Orchestras

There is likely no other female artist with a voice as powerful and impressive as pop princess Diandra! Vaasa and Seinäjoki City Orchestras combine their strength in this explosive concert, conducted with a twinkle in his eye by the expert of entertainment, Jarkko Kiiski.

Tickets 26 / 22 / 18 €

Finland 100 Symphony Concert
Thu 30.11. at 19.00 Vaasa City Hall
Music Circle (James Lowe & Matilda Haavisto) Tue 28.11. at 17.30 Bistro Ernst
A VIP event for subscribers after the concert

cond. James Lowe
sol. Matilda Haavisto, violin

Jean Sibelius: Scènes historiques op. 25, Suite No. 1, 1st movement: All'overtura
Toivo Kuula: Ostrobothnian Suite No. 1
Fredrik Pacius: Violin Concerto in F sharp minor
Jean Sibelius: Symphony No 3. in C major
Fredrik Pacius: Maamme

Long live 100-year-old Finland! Our country’s hundred years of independence is celebrated with a majestic Finnish program. Vaasa City Orchestra’s concertmaster Matilda Haavisto will perform the rare Violin Concerto in F sharp minor by Fredrik Pacius, the “Father of Finnish Music”. We also get to hear Sibelius’ bright and fresh third symphony. The culmination of the concert is Finland’s national anthem Maamme.

Tickets 26 / 22 / 18 €

Christmas Concert
Thu 14.12. at 19.00 Vaasa City Hall

cond. James Lowe
sol. Johanna Rusanen-Kartano, soprano

James Lowe and the glorious soprano and a recent Grammy Award recipient Johanna Rusanen-Kartano lead the listeners to Christmas atmosphere with a diverse program of most loved Christmas songs.

Tickets 26 / 22 / 18 €


Opera Candide

Candide opera makes a comeback at theatre on January 2017!
Seven performances:

Week 2: Friday 13th January at 7 pm & Saturday 14th January at 1 pm
Week 3: Friday 20h January at 7 pm & Saturday 21st January at 1 pm
Week 3: Thursday 26th January at 7 pm, Friday 27th January at 7 pm & Saturday 28th at 1 pm



Finland 100 Chamber Music Concert
Sun 22nd January at 4 pm, Vaasa City Hall

Elina Pyykönen, clarinet
Hanna Mäkelä, violin
Viktor Olauson, alto violin
Elena Hämäläinen, cello

Bernhard Henrik Crusell: Clarinet Quartet No.3, Op.7

Liisa Makkonen, I violin
Anna-Leena Merikivi, II violin
Nana Lehtinen, alto violin
Carla Kuotila, cello

Jean Sibelius: String Quartet ‘Voces intimae’, Op.56

Vaasa City Orchestra celebrates the 100th anniversary of Finland’s independence with a chamber music concert by city orchestra's own talented musicians.

Tickets 20/16/12 € (+service fee)


From Oxford to Moscow Symphony Concert
Thu 9th February at 7 pm Vaasa City Hall

cond. Leo McFall
sol. Marko Ylönen, cello

Benjamin Britten: Suite on English folk tunes
Joseph Haydn: Symphony No 92 G major ”Oxford”
Anton Webern: Concerto op. 24
Dmitri Shostakovich: Cello Concerto No. 1 in E-flat major, Opus 107

Tickets 32/27/22 € (+service fee)


Zappa Concert
Joint concert with Seinäjoki City Orchestra
Thu 16th February at 7 pm Vaasa City Hall & Fri 17th February at 7 pm Seinäjoki hall, Seinäjoki

cond. Jukka Iisakkila
sol. Marzi Nyman, guitar & Tero Toivonen, French horn
Vaasa and Seinäjoki City Orchestras

Marzi Nyman: Guitar concerto, songs by Tapio Rautavaara, Elegy and Hunt -concertino for horn and orchestra
Edgar Varèse: Octandre
Igor Stravinsky: Suite No.1 for Small Orchestra
Frank Zappa: Sofa, Bobby Brown, Why Does it Hurt when I pee
Tommy Tallarico: PacMan
Movie Medley
Ludwig van Beethoven: The Ruins of Athens Overture 

Tickets: 26/22/18 € (+service fee)


The Shades of Sunset
Symphony Concert
Wed 22nd February at 7 pm Frans Henriksson hall, Närpiö
Thu 23rd February at 7 pm Vaasa City Hall

cond. James Lowe
sol. Erica Back, mezzo-soprano

Joseph Haydn: Symphony No. 8 in G major, "Le Soir" (evening)
Ottorino Respighi: Il tramonto, P.101 (Sunset)
Joseph Schwantner: Chasing Light…
Felix Mendelssohn: Symphony No. 1 in C minor, Op. 11

Tickets 26/22/18 € (+service fee)


Truth and tales
Joint concert with Korsholm Music Festival
Thu 16th March at 7 pm Vaasa City Hall

cond. Henri Sigfridsson
sol. Pavel Gililov, piano

Einojuhani Rautavaara: Lintukoto (Isle of Bliss)
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Piano Concerto No.12 in A major, K.414/385p
Richard Strauss: Le Bourgeois Gentilhomme Suite, op. 60

Tickets 26/22/10 € (+service fee)


Energy flow
Chamber music concert
Sun 26th March at 4 pm Vaasa City Hall

ML 5 Group:
Erica Nygård, flute
Liisa Makkonen, violin
Anton Ylikallio, piano
Patrik Knif, vibraphone and percussion
Markku Lindfors, double bass

Richard St. Clair: Energies for four players, Claude Bolling: Romance and Ryuichi Sakamoto: Energy flow among other.

Tickets 20/16/12 € (+service fee)


Charles Chaplin
Entertainment concert
Thu 30th March at 7 pm Ritz (Kirkkopuistikko 22)
Fri 31th March at 7 pm Ritz (Kirkkopuistikko 22)

cond. James Lowe

Tickets 26/22/18 € (+service fee)


Messiah - Easter Concert
Thu 6th April at 7 pm Korsholm Church

cond. James Lowe
sol. Kajsa Dahlbäck, soprano
Jenny Carlstedt, alto
Niall Chorell, tenor
Kristian Lindroos, bass

Chamber Choir Psallite, training of the choir: Susanne Westerlund

Georg Friedrich Handel: Messiah (HWV 56)

Tickets 26/22/18 € (+service fee)


Your Moment – Concert by Request part 2
Thu 20th April at 7 pm Vaasa City Hall

cond. Maano Männi
sol. Johanna Lehesvuori soprano
Jouni Nikula, tenor
Kai Rattassepp, piano
Albert Sahlström, violin

The audience is given a free hand in programming. The vote-in for pieces to be performed at the request concert is held until the end of February 2017, and the programme of popular choices will be conducted by Maano Männi. 

Tickets 20/16/10 € (+service fee)


Champagne & glamour

Sun 30th April at 7 pm Vaasa City Hall

cond. James Lowe
sol. Essi Luttinen, mezzo-soprano

Tickets 26/22/18 € (+service fee)


Finland 100
Chamber Music Concert

Sun 7th May at 4 pm Vaasa City Hall

Erica Nygård, flute
Panu Sivonen, English horn
Maano Männi, I violin
Nana Lehtinen, alto violin
Carla Kuotila, cello
Lily-Marlene Puusepp, harp
Anton Ylikallio, piano

Pertti Maaniittu: Surusade
Lars Karlsson: Koralmetamorfoser
Atso Almila: Pages and Footnotes
Kimmo Kuokkala: Jäkälöitynyt kenokaula

Tickets 20/16/12 € (+service fee)



Sat 20th May at 3 pm Vaasa City Hall

Free entrance

Course is organized 15th–20th May 2017. Contact general manager Merja Tyynelä for further information: +358 (0)6 325 3766, +358 (0)40 524 8877, merja.tyynela(at)