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Energy programs

Energy programs

Energy- and Climate program

The Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plan (SEAP) of the Covenant of Mayors

The City Council approved the Energy and Climate Programme on 1st February 2016. The Energy and climate program serves as the city’s Sustainable Energy and Climate Action plan of the Covenant of Mayor. Will be approved by the Covenant of mayors during 2016.

The City aims to achieve a 30% reduction in carbon dioxide emissions relative to the number of residents, calculated from the initial level of 1990 up to 2020. The long-term target is for Vaasa to be carbon neutral by 2035. Read more:


Vaasa Energy education program

The versatile educational opportunities, and the investments in research and product development made by both companies and the public sector, ensure that the energy technology expertise in Vaasa will remain at the cutting edge of development also in the future. In Vaasa, energy education includes all stages from primary education to university studies.


Energy Education Strategy

The Goals of Energy Education Strategy: competent teachers, the learners get useful skills and abilities, the energy competence grows in the schools, learners know the studying and career possibilities within the energy cluster, and young people and adults are getting into working life and they have good skills for it.