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EnergyVaasa talks

The EnergyVaasa Talks webinar series will throughout 2021 have guest organizations and projects presenting energy technology and cleantech related topics.

The list of webinars is updated on a weekly basis, to check out the current one by expanding the menu below:

The last webinar was:
Circular economy and Sustainability Click to watch the recording

Next Webinar is: Sustainability and circular economy by CERM  (Click to register and to get the webinar link)

Presentation of the EnergyVaasa talks concept.

EnergyVaasa talks presentation.

26 January, Sustainability and circular economy by CERM

16 February, From bold ideas to saving the world,

Webinar page Register to attend

Organizer: EnergySpin.

17. March, Future sustainable workplaces


Info coming soon

16-17. March, Online Mathmaking