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Municipal allowance for home care support

The City Council of Vaasa decided that the municipal care allowance is valid until 31th July 2020. Applications can be submitted the latest on 30th June 2020 and the payment will end without further notice on 31th July 2020.

If you take care of a child under the age of 2 at home, you may receive a municipal allowance for home care support from the City of Vaasa. After the parental allowance period ends, a municipal allowance can then be paid to a guardian on unpaid parental leave. The municipal allowance is €200 / month / child.

Multiple families (twins, triplets, quads, etc.) also receive a municipal allowance of €200 per child / month for home care.

A guardian taking care of their adopted child under school age is paid a municipal allowance after their parental allowance ends and unpaid childcare leave begins.

Questions about the municipal allowance?

Contact the Early Childhood Education Services tel. +358 6 325 2552 (8am – 4pm) or varhaiskasvatus.palveluohjaus@vaasa.fi.

Terms of payment for the municipal allowance

Terms of payment for the municipal allowance:

  •  The applicant receives a statutory home care allowance.
  • The applicant takes care of their children themselves.
  • The applicant has a job or a vocational study place to return to after the unpaid parental leave.
  • The applicant has had a fixed-term employment contract of at least one year before the start of the maternity leave.
  • Non-preschool children in the family are not in early childhood education.
  • The family lives in Vaasa.
  • The other adult member (parent or cohabitant) in the family must be at work or studying for the duration of the municipal allowance.
  • Mothers and fathers in a new family have the same rights, as it is about the care of the spouse’s children.

Wage earners:

  • A guardian receiving a municipal allowance has held a permanent employment position that was valid immediately before the maternity, paternity, parental or childcare leave
  • In the case of a fixed-term contract, the criterion is that the guardian staying at home must have been in a fixed-term or a temporary employment relationship for at least one year before the start of maternity leave. Any break between each employment relationship and the start of maternity leave must have been for no more than three months.


  • A guardian receiving a municipal allowance is a full-time student in education leading to a vocational degree, who is not present at the school (school certificate) while receiving the municipal allowance and is entitled to return to education after the leave.
  • The student may be present at the educational institution, but not as a full-time student (can only take, for example, an individual exam or compulsory distance work).
  • The student has completed their studies and completed their professional degree, and this has been done no more than two months before the start of maternity leave.

OR the applicant has several parental leave periods in succession, after which the parent remains on unpaid parental leave and Kela’s home care allowance, and the other above-mentioned conditions for payment of municipal allowance are fulfilled.


  • A guardian receiving a municipal allowance may not have any taxable income other than the home care allowance, caregiver’s allowance, disability allowance or special care allowance paid by Kela. Holiday pay is not considered as income during the time the municipal allowance is paid.
  • The municipal allowance is not paid if the parent staying at home is there for any other reason than to provide childcare: i.e. is unemployed, receiving unemployment benefit, receiving a student allowance, self-employed at home, receiving a maternity or sickness allowance, retired or on annual leave
  • Municipal allowances are not paid for the calendar months when parental allowance is paid or paternity leave is granted.

Other children in the family

  • A family’s preschool child is allowed to attend both preschool and early childhood education.
  • The younger siblings of the family may attend an open daycare club, but they cannot participate in early childhood education.
  • However, a place at an early childhood education facility for the family’s non-preschool children may be transferred for a minimum of four (4) months and a maximum of one year.
  • A child for whom a municipal allowance is paid cannot participate in club activities at an open daycare centre.


The municipal allowance for home care is applied for in writing.

Print the municipal allowance application form via this link.

Print the municipal allowance renewall application form via this link.

The application form for municipal allowance can also be collected from the Early Childhood Education Administration (Raastuvankatu 29, 65100 Vaasa, open Mon-Fri 9 am-5pm). Application forms are also available at child health clinics.

Return of applications

An application can be returned with all the necessary attachments:

  • by post: Address the envelope to the City of Vaasa, Early Childhood Education / Home Care Allowance
  • by hand: to the Early Childhood Education Administration: Visiting address, Raastuvankatu 29, open Mon-Fri 9 am-5pm
  • by email: varhaiskasvatus.kuntalisa@vaasa.fi

The application must be submitted in advance and the attachments to the application must be submitted no later than three months after the date of application. A decision will not be taken until all attachments have been submitted.

If the application is submitted in person, then the customer must include copies of the attachments.

Copies can be made at the Citizen Services Point (Kansalaisinfo) at the Vaasa Main Library (ground floor) and at the Vähänkyrö Citizen Services Point (Vähänkyröntie 11).


The municipal care allowance is paid no earlier than the beginning of the calendar month following the application.

The payment date for the municipal allowance is always the last banking day of the calendar month.

The municipal allowance is only paid for full calendar months and is not paid for a period shorter than one calendar month.

Payment of the municipal allowance ends at the end of the month in which the child reaches the age of two and, in the case of an adopted child, 13 months after the commencement of the municipal allowance.

Any municipal allowances paid incorrectly must be returned. The customer must immediately notify us by post or email of any change affecting the payment of the municipal allowance:

The City of Vaasa Early Childhood Education has access to the information systems of the Social Insurance Institution of Finland and the tax authorities, from which the customer’s income information can be verified regardless of the customer’s consent. The use of the system is based on the law regarding the client’s circumstances and rights within social care.


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