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Vasa Arbis

Vasa Arbis Adult Education Centre is a Swedish language institute in Vaasa, which offers a wide range of non-formal adult education.

Arbis courses are open to everyone, and they are mainly held in the evening time.
Arbis provides a variety of language courses which are accessible to non-Swedish speakers.

You are also welcome to participate in other courses where knowledge of the Swedish language is not a requirement.


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We offer workshops and courses at a very affordable price!


Courses and Course Registration

Register online or call the office 06-325 3504, 06-3253501

Fees and Certificates


The course fee is invoiced. If you are prevented from participating in the course, you need to cancel your registration at least 4 working days before the course begins, otherwise 20 € (or the course fee, if it is lower than 20 €) will be charged.

No-shows who have not cancelled their registration will be charged the entire course fee.
Participants pay for additional costs, such as course books and course material, themselves.
All course participants are insured by the City of Vaasa.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I cancel a course?
A course can be cancelled over the internet with the registration code received upon registration, or by calling or emailing the Arbis office. You cannot cancel through the course teacher.

You do not have to pay the course fee if you cancel your registration at least 4 working days before the course starts (e.g. on the Monday before a course starting on a Friday, the Wednesday before a course starting the following Tuesday).

If a participant cancels later than 4 working days before the course starts, a cancellation fee of 20 € will be invoiced. If a participant cancels their registration after the course has started, they must pay the whole course fee. No-shows, who have not cancelled their registration, will be charged the entire course fee.

Exemption from the course fee can only be granted to registered participants who present a certificate proving that they are prevented from participating in the course for medical reasons.

If the course fee is less than the cancellation fee of 20 €, then that course fee will be invoiced.

Do I have to pay the course fee if I cancel my registration?
No matter what reason you have for cancelling your participation, the course fee will still be invoiced if you cancel less than 4 working days prior to the course start date, or after the course has started.
The following exception is possible: In the case of long-running language, exercise and IT courses, you may come to an agreement with Arbis’s office staff for a first time try-out to evaluate your level.
If you then feel after the first course meeting that the level is not suitable, you must contact the office directly after the first lesson to cancel your registration and you will not be charged.

Exemption from the course fee will be granted to registered participants who present a doctor’s certificate proving that they cannot participate in the course for medical reasons.

Course fees that have already been paid will not be refunded.

Can I try the course out before I pay the course fee?
This is the case for language, exercise, and IT courses taking place over a longer period of time.
A registered participant can attend one lesson to see if the course level is suitable, after having reached an agreement with Arbis’s course staff.
If the level is not suitable, it is then possible to cancel immediately after the first course meeting with no extra charge. Contact the Arbis office by email or by calling (06) 325 3501 or (06) 325 3504, Mon- Fri 9-15.
Late cancellations will not be accepted.

If material costs (e.g. ingredients used on cooking courses) are included in the course fee, they will be invoiced as a postfix to the discounted course fee.

Who is eligible for course discounts?
The Finnish National Board of Education (FNBE) has given Vasa Arbis a subsidy which enables us to reduce course fees for senior citizens, immigrants, persons with little basic education and those with diagnosed learning difficulties.

Unemployed persons receive a discount of 50%.
They must be able to present a certificate issued by the Employment and Economic Development Office (T-E) or a certificate from KELA/ FPA or an unemployment benefit fund (the previous month’s benefit payment) at the Arbis office, one week after the course has started, at the latest.

Since 2015, no “invoice crediting” is done, meaning that if you haven’t presented your certificate for the personnel at Arbis office before the course bill has been sent out, you will not be granted any discount.To receive a discount on our courses, the certificate must be shown every fall and spring term.

Is it possible to pay the course fee with Tyky and Smartum vouchers?
Tyky and Smartum vouchers are accepted for covering the course fee at Vasa Arbis.
In order to make the payment, the course participant must bring the invoice (which will have arrived by post to his/her home address) as well as the coupons, to the Public Information Center, Kirjastonkatu 13. All of the coupons need to be signed by the participant in order to be valid.


Certificates for ongoing academic year courses are issued free of charge upon request, if you have taken part in at least 75 % of the course and paid the course fee.
Certificates from previous years cost 15 € each.

To obtain a certificate, please contact financial secretary via email eivor.ljungkvist(at), or call (06) 325 3501.


Ota yhteyttä

Office & principal

  • Service secretary Johanna Järvimäki 06-325 3504

  • Accounting and finance secretary Eivor Ljungkvist 06-325 3501

  • Principal Patrick Lax 040-551 2156

  • Kirkkopuistikko 15, Vaasa

Arbis office is open weekdays

  • Mon-Tue, Thu 9-15

  • Wed 13-15

  • Fri CLOSED

  • CLOSED during WINTER HOLIDAY, NO CLASSES week 9, 24.2 - 1.3.2020