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Horizon Centre for Mental Health and Substance Abuse

We provide non-urgent mental health outpatient services for those aged 25 or over who are registered in Vaasa. We also help Vaasa residents over 25 years of age who are suffering from substance abuse problems. This service is also available to residents of contract municipalities.

Horizon Centre for Mental Health and Substance Abuse services

  • Mental health services for people 25 years of age or over in Vaasa as well as residents of contract municipalities.
  • Substance abuse and addiction services for over 25-year-olds in Vaasa and residents of contract municipalities in Isokyrö (Storkyro), Kaskinen (Kaskö), Korsnäs, Kristiinankaupunki (Kristinestad), Laihia, Maalahti (Malax), Mustasaari (Korsholm), Närpiö (Närpes) and Vöyri (Vörå) as well as residents of other municipalities.
  • Help with difficult life circumstances

You can become a patient of ours by

  • booking a time Mon-Fri 10 a.m. – 14 a.m. Tel. 06 325 2800
  • filling the online contact form (in Finnish): Not available
  • visiting the Horizon Centre directly

Youth Centre Klaara attends to 13-24 year olds: Youth Centre Klaara

Mental Health Services in Vähäkyrö

Our mental health services in Vähäkyrö are by appointment only at the Vähänkyrö Health Station on Tuesdays (Address Vähänkyröntie 18, Vähäkyrö). Bookings Mon-Fri 10-14. Tel. 06 325 2800.

Health help desk (Terveysneuvontapiste) Tipsi

At Tipsi you can change used syringes and needles to clean ones. We also offer treatment guidance. Service is used anonymously.

It is also possible to receive referral for a laboratory test, concerning hepatitis B and C and/or HIV.


Mental Hub

Mental Hub is an English language open-access service that provides information on adult and adolescent mental health and substance abuse problems as well as self-care advice.


Contact us

Callback and cancellations Mon–Fri 9–15 o'clock


Opening hours

  • Mon 8–17 o'clock, Tue – Thu 8– 16 o'clock and Fri 8–15 o'clock.

Health help desk (Terveysneuvontapiste) Tipsi

Raastuvankatu 28
65100 Vaasa

Opening hours: Tuesdays and Thursdays 14-16 o’clock.