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2016/07/20 12:59pm

A stick towards the glowing coal – general fireplaces in Vaasa

There are several fireplaces for public use in Vaasa. Bring your own wood, kindling and other barbecue equipment and choose your favourite place for enjoying your sausages!

There are tens of general fireplaces in Vaasa. Concrete rings and benches have been brought on spot. The users shall bring along all the wood and kindling needed and also make sure the litter ends up in the litter bin.

The Green Area Unit in the city takes care of the following fireplaces:

- Asevelikylä, Edvininpolku
- Böle 1, Varjokuja
- Gerby, Storberget
- Huutoniemi, near the hospital
- Isolahti, Variskarit
- Onkilahti, the northern side
- Ristinummi, next by the Frisbee golf course

There’s also a barbecue hut at Öjberget, which is maintained by the recreation services. Here you can barbecue sausages and enjoy your picnic meal. The two fireplaces by the Pilvilammi trail are maintained by Vaasan Latu ry.

The Vaasa map services also show the city's nature destinations: For more information about the hiking and nature trails please visit the webpages of VisitVaasa:

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