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Certain visits to nurses will be charged from 2 September

There will be a charge of EUR 10 for the first two visits to a health centre nurse as of 2 September 2019. The charge applies to medical visits. Visits for under-18s and war veterans will continue to be free.

A visit to the nurse will be charged for the first two visits in a calendar year. From the third time, visits are free of charge. The charges accrue to the social security and healthcare customer payment ceiling of EUR 683 / calendar year.

Visits to a nurse for the following reasons are chargeable:

  • visiting a nurse at a health centre
  • diabetes and asthma treatment
  • visiting a nurse at a teaching health centre
  • visiting a nurse for wound care treatment
  • visiting a nurse at a fracture clinic
  • allergy treatment

Situations where visits to a nurse are free of charge:

  • if you have a doctor’s appointment for the same illness on the same day
  • if the customer is referred from a nurse to a doctor, a fee will only be charged for the doctor’s visit
  • a visit to a mental health and substance abuse service provider
  • examinations such as spirometry, doppler measurement, hearing tests, Holter heart and blood pressure monitoring, photography of birthmarks and visits in the distribution of medical material
  • vaccinations
  • examination and care of common infectious diseases such as HIV infection, gonorrhoea, chlamydia or other sexually transmitted diseases
  • customers with veteran cards
  • customers under the age of 18

All customer fees are reviewed annually.

Published: 04.09.2019