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City of Vaasa upper secondary schools and Vamia will switch to distance learning

Published: 26.1.2021

Updated: 26.1.2021

The upper secondary schools, Vaasan Lyseon Lukio and Vasa Gymnasium, as well as Vamia, which offers vocational training, will switch to distance learning at the beginning of Week 4.

Distance learning at Lyseon Lukio starts on Monday 25 January and continues for a week. However, on Friday, 29 January, the scheduled examination will be held in the afternoon according to the weekly programme.

Distance learning at Vamia starts on Tuesday 26 January and continues for two weeks. Return to classroom teaching begins on 8 February. Vasa Gymnasium will be in distance learning from 26-29 January.

Three coronavirus infections were found at Lyseon Lukio last week. All those exposed have been contacted and quarantined. No infections have been acquired at Lyseon Lukio and no further infections have been reported so far.

No corona infections have been found in Vasa Gymnasium, which operates in the same building as Lyseon Lukio. However, as a precautionary measure, the school will switch to distance learning for the rest of the week.

Several corona-positive cases have occurred on both campuses of Vamia. Five positive infections were reported in the last week. All those exposed have been traced and quarantined.