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About coronavirus


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Corona info and symptom assessment on the city’s website

Corona info and a corona symptom assessment service help residents get fast, reliable information about the coronavirus.

– We want to provide residents with expert advice through as many channels as possible. The telephones at the health stations are currently very busy, which is why have implemented these services on a tight schedule, says Social welfare and Healthcare Services Development Manager, Tatu Karppinen.

In the corona info section, residents will find general information on the infectious COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic. The Duodecim advice bot (chatbot program) answers the most common questions and guides you on how to conduct a coronavirus symptom evaluation through the open Omaolo service (available in Finnish).

Although the contents of the services are based on regulatory guidelines and national and international treatment recommendations, they do not replace the judgment or treatment made by a healthcare professional.

– Corona info and the symptom assessment service are now widely available on the website, so that Vaasa residents can get the information they need during this exceptional time, explains Karppinen.


More information about the coronavirus

Published: 21.03.2020