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Corona vaccinations for those in risk groups aged 68-69

Published: 12.2.2021

Updated: 22.2.2021

Free corona vaccinations will begin in Vaasa on 16 February 2021 for those born in 1952-1953, i.e. 68-69 year-olds in Risk Group 1. The vaccination of under 70-year-olds will be made with the COVID-19 AstraZeneca vaccine. At the same time, vaccinations of those over 80 will continue with the Pfizer Comirnaty as well as Moderna Covid-19 vaccines. We will inform 70–79-year-olds later when the Pfizer-Biontech or Moderna Vaccines arrive.

Anyone in home care and home nursing will receive their corona vaccine through the home care and home nursing services.

According to a medical risk assessment, Group 1 includes anyone with an extremely high susceptibility to a severe coronavirus reaction:

  • recipients of organ transplants or stem cell transplants
  • people receiving active cancer treatment
  • people with severe immunology defects
  • people with severe chronic kidney disease
  • people with severe chronic lung disease
  • people receiving medication for type 2 diabetes
  • people with Down syndrome (adults)

It is also possible to register for an appointment and the vaccination queue during the following weeks

Vaccination times are reserved by telephone from 15 February 2021 by calling the following numbers according to the first letter of the surname: 

  • Letters A – J tel. 040 665 0709 and 040 482 5110
  • Letters K – R, tel. 040 610 3449 and 040 485 7210
  • Letters S – Ö, tel. 040 182 3049 and 040 679 0680
  • Vaccination appointments at Vähäkyrö health station Mon-Fri 9:00-12:00 tel. 040 537 6453

Residents are vaccinated at their local health stations. The name of the vaccine used is AstraZeneca adenovirus vector.

– The AstraZeneca vaccine is delivered to us in small batches every week, which is why some of those who are to be vaccinated are placed in a vaccination queue. Those in the vaccination queue will be called when the vaccine is available. The vaccination queue can also be easily called in the coming weeks, says the Nursing Director of Healthcare Services Kathy Guss.

Booking appointments online is not technically possible

Residents have asked why it is not possible to book appointments for corona vaccinations electronically.

– As we cannot technically limit the electronic appointments to a certain age group at a local health station, the corona vaccinations by age group must be handled by telephone, says Guss. 

Instructions for those arriving for vaccinations

Please present your KELA card at the reception upon arrival. There is no need to register at the reception. Please do not come to the reception if you have any flu symptoms. When dressing before coming to your appointment, please consider that the vaccination is given in the upper arm. Arrive at the reception 5 minutes before your appointment time and leave the lobby 15 minutes after the vaccination.

The corona vaccination is given in two doses. The aim is to provide the second dose about three weeks after the first dose.

A wheelchair patient may use a sote taxi when arriving for and leaving after a corona vaccination appointment. Vaccination is a preventive measure and is not part of the compensation paid by Kela.

About coronavirus