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Locations exposed to coronavirus in Vaasa are updated on the website

Published: 11.10.2020

Updated: 16.10.2020

Local residents, companies and the media are reminded to follow the information regarding coronavirus exposure sites on the website. New locations will be announced several times during the day.

Updated 16.10.2020

There are currently many places in Vaasa where people infected with the coronavirus have visited. The City of Vaasa Tracking Team is constantly investigating the situation, and new locations will be announced several times during the day.

On this page, the City of Vaasa only reports on public exposure sites where those exposed cannot be traced personally, i.e. we do not know who has been in that place at the same time. Exposure sites, where all those exposed are known and have been contacted, are taken care of by each organisation separately.

The list of locations is regularly updated on the website, so we would like to remind residents, companies and the media to follow the current information on this page. Sites that have been more than 10 days since exposure are removed from the list. The page also tells you the date and time the information was last updated.

– This list contains the information that is known and verified by the City of Vaasa’s tracking team. The situation is being constantly updated and the list is not complete. The most important thing now is to remember to wear a face mask and maintain safe social-distancing measures in all public spaces, emphasises the chief physician for infectious diseases, Heikki Kaukoranta.

Keep monitoring your state of health and remember to use the Koronavilkku app as well.

– If you have symptoms and feelings that indicate a coronavirus infection, then you should make an online assessment of the symptoms at After that, call your own health centre if necessary, reminds Kaukoranta

The list of exposure sites can be found at: