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Person attending course at Vaasa-opisto tests positive for coronavirus

Published: 21.10.2020

Updated: 19.3.2021

A student on a basic adult education course at Vaasa-opisto has tested positive for coronavirus. As a result of careful use of a face mask, the student was only at risk of exposing their fellow students or staff to infection during the lunch break at the Merenkurkku school canteen on 12 October and 13 October between 12.30-13.10. No pupils or teachers from Merenkurkku school were present in the canteen at the same time.

– Other adult students from Vaasa-opisto were in the canteen at the same time as the person who tested positive for corona. For this reason, those who were in the canteen at the same time are asked to closely monitor themselves for any symptoms of a respiratory infection, such as a cough, runny nose, fever, or sore throat, and to contact their local health station if necessary to arrange for a corona test. Symptoms should be monitored for ten days after possible exposure, i.e. until 21 October or 22 October says Vaasa-opisto’s principal, Sannasirkku Autio.

The adult basic education students at Vaasa-opisto have been informed of possible exposure in the school canteen. All students are currently in distance learning.

The staff at Merenkurkku school and the guardians of pupils attending the school have also been informed about the incident, although nobody was exposed to the virus.