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About coronavirus

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Schools start on 14.8 with normal in class-teaching

In all of the schools in the Basic Education of Vaasa school work starts on Friday 14.8.2020. Basic education will be organised for all students as contact teaching according to the schedule. In schools safety and hygiene rules will be applied, in order for it to be safe to come to school

The teaching will be organized according to the national guidelines given by The National Board of Education, in order to minimize the infection risk. (in Finnish)

First graders

This autumn 650 new first graders are starting their school path in Vaasa. The first-grade students together with their parents will gather up at the schoolyard the first school day.

Only students and staff of the school should be present at the school grounds, therefore parents can not enter the school building.

Teaching arrangements in practice

  • Schoolwork will continue as normal according to schedule, ie. we are to follow the curriculum and the lesson allocation.
  • The teaching groups are to be kept separated as much as possible. If teaching can not be organized according to the curriculum, students’ own study paths/plans, and the lesson allocation, then there can be changes in the teaching groups.
  • Additional lessons/Selected lessons (valinnaisaineet) as well as arts and crafts can be taught according to schedule.
  • The breaks are to be outside and at different times, if possible.
  • In school, everyone takes care of hygiene by washing hands with soap and water multiple times per day, and the students are daily guided and taught good hygiene practices.
  • For usage of face masks, we wait for further national recommendations.


With the absences, we will follow the instructions given by the National Board of Education. (in Finnish)

  • You can not come to school sick or with any symptoms of influenza.
  • It is the guardian’s responsibility to check the THL’s instructions regarding the arrival from abroad (in Finnish)
  • Normal absence rules apply (class teacher 5 days, principal for more than 5 days).
  • The absences should always be applied for and the reasons for the absence should be explained.
  • Sickness or the child or a family member belonging to a risk group is a valid reason for absence.
  • The caring doctor will evaluate whether one belongs to the risk group. The doctor will as well evaluate whether an absence is needed or not. Risk groups: Vakavan koronavirustaudin riskiryhmät (THL)(in Finnish)
  • In order to be able to approve absence, the guardians are asked to provide a report/explanation, for example, a doctor’s certificate where it states that the student belongs to the risk group.
  • If the child is absent from school without a valid reason, it will be seen as an absence without permission.
  • If the guardian decides to keep the student at home, the responsibility for fulfilling compulsory schooling is shifted over to the guardian.


  • The school lunch will be organized in a manner that there are fewer students present, if possible.
  • Hand sanitizer will be used upon arrival as well as when leaving the lunch hall.
  • The students will take their own food from the lunch table.
  • The serving spoons and tongs will be renewed frequently.
  • The hygiene in the serving area will be intensely taken care of.
  • Tables and chairs are to be wiped daily.

Morning and afternoon care

Morning and afternoon care will start in a normal manner. The guardians are to pick up the students from outside.

School transport

The school transportation will be arranged as normal. The guardians can take care of the transportation themselves, if they so want, and can in that case apply for transportation aid. The aid can be applied using a specific form found at the City of Vaasa’s webpage.

Events will not be arranged

Class trips, school camps, or other happenings will not be arranged at school.

Being ready for a change into schoolwork in exceptional circumstances

When there will be a change in the infection situation, the schools are prepared to move into an alternating model with both distance and in class-teaching.

If in class-teaching can not be arranged safely, the municipality can based on the evaluation made by the health authorities, decide to change into schoolwork in exceptional circumstances. This can mean, for example, that in class-teaching and distance teaching can be alternated on a week-week time frame.

Changing into schoolwork in exceptional circumstances can concern one or more classes in a school or a whole school. In the schools of Vaasa, the students will practice skills already beforehand in the usage of Teams or other equivalent programs, that can be used during a possible new distance teaching period.

Schoolwork in exceptional circumstances does not concern 1st to 3rd grade, as their teaching will continue throughout as in class-teaching, even though situations would change.

Published: 11.08.2020