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About coronavirus

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Two confirmed cases of coronavirus found at Borgaregatans skola

Published: 22.12.2020

Two pupils attending Borgaregatans skola (Porvarinkadun koulu) have tested positive for coronavirus. The pupils, their guardians and staff have all been informed about the infection. The City of Vaasa Contact Tracing Team has done their work and case is already closed.

– Since the Christmas holiday has already begun and the next school day is on 7 January, other measures from the school are not necessary because of the infections. The City of Vaasa Contact Tracing Team took care of tracting work and now case is closed, says the Principal of Borgaregatans Skola, Markus Rönnblom.

Guardians are asked to monitor pupils for symptoms. If there are symptoms, then guardians should always first contact their local health station by telephone, Mon-Thu from 08:00-16:00, Fri from 08:00-14:15. At other times, call the national emergency number 116 117.

– I would also like to emphasise that pupils are not allowed to come to school if they have symptoms, Rönnblom stresses.

About coronavirus