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Vaasa is looking for the world’s happiest people

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Vaasa is looking for the world’s happiest people - the top three will be visited by media personality Maria Veitola

Published: 5.5.2021

Updated: 28.7.2021

While aiming to become the happiest city in the world, Vaasa is also hoping to find the world’s happiest person and unlock their secret to life. Journalist Maria Veitola has also been invited to take part in this search, and in the video series she will be making for Vaasa, she intends to delve into the life stories and elements of happiness in this candidate city.

Vaasa has published an announcement to find the happiest person in the world. Everyone can suggest anybody they know who could be considered as a worthy candidate for the title. The only essential factor is that the person lives in the Vaasa region.

– As Vaasa strives to become the happiest city in the world’s happiest country, the search has been limited to the Vaasa region, explains Mayor Tomas Häyry.

In the search for the world’s happiest person, we delve deeper into the life stories of Vaasa residents and continue our research journey into the anatomy of happiness. Since autumn 2020, the happiness of Vaasa residents has been further developing under the guidance of Happiness Professor Markku Ojanen.

– We also have a lot to give to other Finns in our country. We want to share a wide range of information and lessons about the keys to a happy life and hope that Finns will feel welcome to get to know the Vaasa lifestyle. We want as many people as possible to be as happy as possible, Häyry emphasises.

Vaasa encourages people to develop their attitudes on this voyage of discovery: Let’s share the happiness!

Until 23 May 2021, you can nominate yourself or another person as the world’s happiest person at

Maria Veitola will visit the happiest people in the world

From among those registered, the jury, assisted by Markku Ojanen, will select three candidates for the title of world’s happiest person. The adventure then continues in August, when each of the trio is visited in turn by media personality, Maria Veitola.

–Through Veitola, who is a talented interviewer, we will implement a three-part video series titled “Maria & the world’s happiest”. We want to share genuine personal stories about happiness, which often stem from simple everyday things. In Vaasa it is easy to be happy, says the City of Vaasa’s Communications Manager, Leena Forsén.

In September, Finns everywhere will be able to choose the world’s happiest person based on the personal profiles provided by Veitola. The video stories will be published on the website, where you can vote for the happiest of the trio.

– I am already looking forward to meeting the candidates in the summer and discovering the secrets of their happiness, Veitola says joyfully.

The invitation to visit Vaasa is especially pleasing to Veitola, as she can go on a research trip and stay with “ordinary” people.

– My documentary reality series, Yökylässä Maria Veitola, has been made for six production seasons, and from the very beginning, TV viewers have hoped that in addition to celebrities, I would visit ordinary people, reveals Veitola.

The adventure culminates in a happiness evening at Strömsö

Maria Veitola is also participating in the Vaasa Happiness Evening event, which will be organised in the idyllic Strömsö Villa in October, when the City of Vaasa celebrates its 415th anniversary. The lucky winner of the three candidates voted for the world’s happiest person title will be announced during the Happiness Evening. The winner will be presented with a lifetime pass to use the City of Vaasa’s sports and cultural services.

– Our adventure to find the world’s happiest person is more than a traditional marketing act. We want to provoke discussion and in-depth reflection on what makes people happy and how the living environment affects happiness, says Mari Kattelus, Marketing Manager of Vaasa Region Development Company (VASEK).

– Of course, at the same time we make Vaasa known as an attractive city and region, where the happiness of the residents is reflected in a smooth everyday life. Meaningful work as well as an easy life by the sea and closeness to nature are an important part of Vaasa’s happiness, Kattelus continues.

The goal of the happiest city, in the world’s happiest country, is included in the City of Vaasa’s strategy, and the happiness of the residents is monitored annually with the help of a happiness survey. In December 2020, as many as eight percent of the approximately 500 respondents gave a happiness score of 95-100 on a scale of 0-100.