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Vacation time is approaching: don't travel now!

Easter is approaching, and many are tempted to take a break from these extraordinary daily routines. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, travelling in the country is not recommended.

Due to exceptional circumstances under the Emergency Powers Act, the Government decided to restrict traffic at Finland’s external borders from 19 March. Due to this very exceptional situation, there is no reason to go abroad.

In addition, the Government has decided to restrict traffic between Uusimaa and other regions from 27 March onwards. Once the restrictions on movement have entered into force, the residents of Uusimaa must stay in the Uusimaa region, and residents of other regions are not allowed to visit Uusimaa. Restrictions are effective until 19 April.

Stay at home, avoid public places

The Government has appealed to Finns to also avoid all unnecessary movement elsewhere in Finland.

– It is not worth travelling to Lapland either, even though you may feel, here on the west coast, that the weather is better there, and you would have peace and tranquillity for your holidays. In order to prevent the spread of the coronavirus and protect those at risk, we also need to avoid moving around and focus on staying at home with our families instead, says Mayor Tomas Häyry.

For example, Kainuun Sote (Kainuu Social and Health Care Joint Authority) is asking visitors to postpone their leisure trips to Kainuu during the pandemic. They are neither prepared nor equipped to provide care for tourists and cottage occupants arriving to Kainuu and Lapland. There is also a risk that the arrival of travellers and tourists from elsewhere will increase the number of coronavirus infections.

– Everyone’s input is needed now. Parents, you should also make sure that children and youngsters don’t come together during this crisis. We will only prevent the spread of infections by following the recommendations, Häyry points out.

Outdoor activities with your family

Sunny spring days and Easter holidays can be spent outdoors in the countryside with your family. There are many outdoor sports venues in Vaasa, which are listed on the website: . The nature trails of the Vaasa Region can be found at

According to Government policy, crowded outdoor sports facilities should also be avoided and moved if there are more than 10 people at the same place.

Published: 26.03.2020