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Do you feel safe using public services and visiting public places in Vaasa? Answer the resident survey

Published: 13.6.2024

Updated: 17.6.2024

The City of Vaasa is initiating a new equality and non-discrimination plan. As the first step in this work, a resident survey is being conducted to gather residents' experiences of equal and fair treatment in the city's services.

All residents are welcome to participate in the survey and share valuable insights on how equality and non-discrimination are currently realized in Vaasa.

Answer the survey!

The survey is completely anonymous and takes no more than 10 minutes to complete.

The deadline for responses is June 30, 2024.

An important part of the equality and non-discrimination plan

The current resident survey is an important part of the equality and non-discrimination plan, which will be updated starting in early 2025.

– The themes of the survey include equal treatment, safety, accessibility, and the experience of appreciation. As a public authority, we have a duty to continuously improve our operations and act as role models, says welfare expert Rebecca Åkers.

Creating a safe and pleasant urban environment is a key factor in attracting and retaining residents. By treating all people equally and fairly and ensuring that everyone has their own place, the city influences residents’ well-being and happiness.

Mandatory survey by population group

The Non-Discrimination Act and the Act on Equality between Women and Men require that all cities have a plan to promote equality and non-discrimination.

In addition to the resident survey, we are also conducting an employee survey, workshops, and statistical analyses as part of the current situation assessment. The goal of the assessment is to identify real challenges regarding equality and non-discrimination and address them.

– In connection with the current plan, a resident survey was conducted in 2021, the responses to which provided valuable background information. In the new plan, we aim to clarify the situation for different population groups, Åkers explains.

The current situation will be reviewed

The current situation assessment will be presented to the city’s various sectors in the fall. The employees are then requested to find concrete measures, indicators and goals. This ensures that the measures are integrated into the sectors’ regular activities.

The plan is intended to proceed to political consideration in the spring of 2025.