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2016/07/13 2:37pm

Wildlife Vaasa Festival 2016 will be held in the autumn

Moor 1, Braunbär Wollgras, copyright nautilusfilm, Jan Haft, Melanie Haft
WildLife Vaasa Nature Film Festival located on the West Coast of Finland is held every second year and it’s the only film festival of its kind in Scandinavia. Wildlife Vaasa 2016 will be organized from 28th September to 2nd October 2016. The festival’s special themes this year are ENERGY and GLOBAL WARMING.

WildLife Vaasa Festival aims to raise public awareness, as well as to participate in a global dialogue about Nature and The Environment through new films (produced after 2013) which participate in the film.

During the festival special events will be held such as filmmakers presentations, forum discussions, workshops, photo exhibitions, open air shows, two unique nature trips to Söderfjärden and Kvarken Archipelago- Unesco’s World Heritage area and School Screenings and media education workshops before and after the festival days. The main festival venues are The Culture House Fanny, Vaasa City Library’s Drama Hall, Vaasa City Center and Ritz Theatre.

Since its conception 2002, WildLife Vaasa Festival has grown in stature receiving commendation from participants, delegates, media and the public world-wide. During the last 14 years, the festival was organized by the Ostrobothnian museum’s Terranova Nature Centre and from 1.1.2016 the festival’s organizing responsibility was transferred to the Culture Center of Vaasa.

The festival's main focal point is its film competition, which gets participants from all over the world. Participation in the festival competition enables free public screenings that are available to all Vaasa residents during the festival days. All films participating are new productions and most of them they are going for international TV-distribution after the festival.

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