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The goal of physiotherapy is to help our clients in their daily lives by promoting and improving health, mobility and functional ability.

Physiotherapy is needed when there is acute, recurrent long-term pain, as well as when there are mobility and functional problems caused by surgery, illness or various developmental delays.

Physiotherapy includes guidance and counselling, active practice independently and/or under individual or group supervision. The goals for any physiotherapy are set up together with the client and a physiotherapy plan is made. The overall aim is that the client will become motivated and activated towards self-directed training and care.

The physiotherapist’s responsibilities also include mobility equipment services to support functional ability and an assessment of any changes needed in the client’s living environment and home.  In addition, the physiotherapist will also write mobility and function assessments to attach to medical certificates. The work of the physiotherapist also includes specialist, consulting and training roles, as well as participation in cross-disciplinary collaboration and in guiding relatives and staff.

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A physiotherapist is a licensed healthcare professional with a degree in physiotherapy.

The physiotherapists at the City of Vaasa are also skilled in the following areas

  • The basics of the Bobath concept in physiotherapy for patients with cerebrovascular disorders.
  • Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV)
  • CRPS and mirror therapy
  • Fascia training fundamentals
  • Fascia Tissue Treatment Level 1
  • Specialist physiotherapists
  • GAS
  • NDT-Bobath baby course
  • Kinesio taping
  • Kinaesthetic basic and intermediate courses
  • Chronic pain
  • Children and youngsters with MSD problems
  • Lymphology (screening)
  • McKenzie
  • Mental Health First Aid (MHFA)
  • Mulligan Basic and intermediate courses
  • NDT, Bobath-Therapy
    • NDT-Bobath baby course
    • Physiotherapist specialisation studies in the rehabilitation of children and adolescents
  • Neural tissue mobilization I and II
  • OMT-C-courses
  • The acquisition of basic skills for mobility assistance aids and personal aids
  • Validation
  • Strength in old age


  • First aid skills
  • Equipment and hygiene passports
  • Passports for archiving, data protection and privacy regarding patient data
  • Course on the Infectious Diseases Act and the fight against infections


Contact us

Call services Mon - Fri 8-11 o'clock

  • 06 325 1995

Physiotherapy for adults:
Tammikaivontie 4, II floor
65100 Vaasa

Physiotherapy for children:
Terapiakeskus Neliapila
65100 Vaasa

Physiotherapy fee is 11,40 €/ appointment. Physiotherapy is free of charge for children (under 18-year-olds).