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2017/07/04 7:58am

Food recommendations bring vegetarian delicacies to schools and day-care centres

Kasvikset ja vihannekset
The new food recommendations bring vegetarian delicacies to the children’s plates through the city’s food services.

A newcomer on the lunch list is the härkis (a broad bean product) sauce made of Finnish ingredients.

In day-care centres more vegetables like carrots will be eaten as snacks. Also fresh porridge and rye-berry pies will be served as new snacks. Both are produced from Finnish ingredients in the city’s own kitchens.

The Finnish ingredients form a base for almost all the food from the food services. Milk products, meats, crops and berries are from Finland. The bread is baked at a local bakery and the vegetables are almost without exception from Finland.

As a theme lunch for the Finland 100 jubilee year the end of October will serve reindeer casserole, in November oven baked salmon and in December to celebrate the Independence Day Karelian Hot Pot with apple pie.

During the autumn fillets of Baltic herring filled with dill are service on the side of fish fingers. These are a new acquaintanceship to many, and the teachers will be motivating the children to try different flavours and tastes.

The autumn term in schools begin on August 14th and this date the children’s constant favourite, meatballs, will be found on the food plates.