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  • Berny's Restaurant & Café

    Replotvägen 2, Korsholm

    Welcome to the restaurant at the end of Replot bridge, the gateway to the only World Heritage Site in Finland!
    We take good care of our guests and offer a stunning archipelago to view, while you sit in our comfortable restaurant and enjoy a delicious meal made from locally produced ingredients, whenever they are available. Berny’s consists of a café and restaurant with a terrace, conference facilities and a sauna department with outdoor hot tubs.

    +358 50 552 1611


  • Cafe & Restaurant Salteriet

    Björkövägen 1011, Korsholm

    Drink and dine local food while enjoying the unique atmosphere of the World Heritage Site of Kvarken.
    At the Cafe Salteriet you can order food that is prepared from ingredients that are bought locally. When in Finland you can always count on to enjoy a cup of coffee with fresh baked pastries. The owner is quite the baker – take my word for it! Out on the terrace is the perfect place to enjoy a cold drink or two while taking in the unique atmosphere of the World Heritage site in all its glory. Seeing the beautiful sunset is a must.

    +358 45 148 6677

  • Fagerö Folkpark

    Björkgrundsvägen 1, Närpiö

    Fagerö Folkpark, Närpes

    In the village of Rangsby in Närpes you will find Fagerö Folk Park, where open-air dances with different themes are held in summer. There is also a nice beach restaurant and a miniature golf course in the area.


  • Kalliojärvi beach restaurant

    Kortesluomantie 146, Isokyrö

    Indoor 74 seats and terrace 65 seats. The restaurant is fully licensed and also has pleasant venues for smaller meetings. Versatile range of food, from breakfast to dinner. Group menus as desired.

    +358 6 472 4860


  • Kvarken Bed and Breakfast (Merenkurkun Majatalo)

    Rudträskvägen 6, Korsholm

    Merenkurkun majatalo

    Restaurant and Inn in the center of Björköby, in the middle of the UNESCO world heritage area.

    +358 50 448 6790


  • Kyrö Home - restaurant and visitors center

    Oltermannintie 6, Isokyrö

    Kyrö Distillery - Kyrön matkailun edistämiskeskus

    Visit Kyrö Distillery Home in an old dairy in the peculiar village of Isokyrö.
    Join a distillery tour at Kyrö Distillery, tasting or just come for a cocktail and enjoy the atmosphere.

    • On the Distillery tour the story behind Kyrö genuinely comes to life.
    • Tasting – Besides the products you can enjoy the stories behind them.
    • Kyrö Restaurant – Seeking experiences? Come and enjoy local delicacies in Isokyrö.

    Weekly tours during the summer months, check the dates and times on the company’s web page.

    You can also visit virtually.


  • Lind's Kök - the Tropical Green House Restaurant

    Bäcklidvägen 476, Närpes

    You do not need to board a plane to experience the jungle and exciting flavours. In our green house restaurant by Highway 8 in Närpes you will dine under tropical fruit trees and breathe the fragrances of herbs while you will enjoy a culinary experience.

    Have you ever tried strawberries with garlic? A steak in a liquorice sauce? Or a sweet panna cotta based on tomato? It is natural for us to use tomatoes in our cooking: Närpes is the largest tomato producer in the country. For extra flair, we season our home-made dishes with our own herbs and edible flowers.

    The temperature is always pleasant, regardless of whether the sun is high or the snow covers the ground. Our Asian vibes are noticeable all year. In the summer you can enjoy our summer lunch every day – you neither can nor must reserve a table. During the winter we open if you are a company of at least 15 adults and you get to choose which of our menus you prefer. If you are a smaller group you can still get in touch, if you are lucky you can visit us when we are entertaining another group.

    +358 40 510 8124


  • Minettes kitchen

    Köpingsvägen 10, Malax

    Lunchrestaurant in the centre of Malax.

    040 1292217


  • Molpe Paviljong

    Sjövägen (Molpe) 298, Korsnäs

    Molpe paviljong, Korsnäs

    This beautiful pavilion right by the sea is a popular Dance place in the summer. Here you can also arrange birthdays, weddings or other festivities.


  • Pukkilansaari

    Pohjankyröntie 115, Isokyrö

    Pukkilansaari, Isokyrö

    This summer pavilion is located on scenic Pukkilansaari in Storkyro, about 40 km east of Vaasa. To the island you take a small ferry. Summer time dancing to Finnish artists.



  • The central meeting-point for guests from far and near – We offer breakfast, lunch, dinner and brunch. We serve classic food made from the best raw materials available from the region, influenced by Europe, in accordance with the season.

    +358 6 823 8400


  • Strand-Mölle

    Sjövägen (Molpe) 271, Molpe

    Our restaurant is beautifully located by the sea in the small village of Molpe, about 40 km south of Vaasa.

    Here you can enjoy locally produced food with the finest ingredients in the form of à la carte, pizza and lunch. To drink we recommend our own beer Svallka, one of the good wines in our wine list, or why not a fresh, international drink? Quality, genuine ingredients and food free from additives are important to us. Close cooperation with local producers guarantees that the food we serve is always fresh and benefits the local region.

    Warm welcome to us at the restaurant by the sea!

    +358 6 347 67 54


  • Wästinn

    Västerö 1587, Vörå

    Wästinn & Café is located in Ostrobothnia and Maxmo archipelago on the west coast of Finland and about 50 kilometers north from Vaasa.

    We serve companies, associations and individuals with high-quality accommodation, restaurant and program services from March to November. We arrange meetings, family parties and excursions that may consist of meals, conference services, sauna and guided tours.

    We prepare authentic home-cooked food that is prepared in our kitchen from start to finish and uses local and partly organic ingredients from our own garden. Our meals are mainly based on local fish such as whitefish, wild salmon, herring and perch but there are also meat dishes as an alternative. Prebooked group for only lunch or dinner can be ordered for minimum 10 persons.

    +358 50 5899 724


  • Åminne Kök & Bar

    Paviljongsvägen 21, 66100 Malax

    Åminne Kök & Bar has been run by the restaurateurs Madelene Vikstrand and Jan Peter Ivars since the summer of 2018.

    After an extensive renovation, the restaurant is now open also during the winter. The restaurant’s spaces consist of two separate halls, two terraces, wardrobe and toilets.

    A buffet lunch is served on weekdays, a la carte menu in the evenings and on weekends. Åminne Kök & Bar also arranges brunches, theme nights and party menus at holidays.

    +358 40 705 8890, +358 50 527 9625


  • Åminne Holiday village's restaurant

    Åminnevägen 409, Malax

    Åminne Stugby is a camping situated on the west coast by the sea and is a great alternative for accommodation! We have cottages in different sizes and standards, places for tents and caravans, sauna, a little grill hut for all the guests to use and a small playarea for children. You can stay with us during May to September, other dates depends on weather and agreement.

    Our services also include a restaurant with A-rights, meeting rooms and a sauna with jacuzzi.



    +358 (0)50 468 4822


  • Ädelbragd

    Slagfältsvägen 130, Vörå

    Restaurant Ädelbragd serve historical dishes based on at least 200 years old recipes.

    Together with historical food expert Kristina Steen and Oravais historical association, we have created a genuine restaurant experience. Settle into our homely environment and let our serving staff in their typical clothes serve you a meal from bygone times.

    In addition to the food we can offer, among other things, guided tours of the area, exercisers of the Ostrobothnia regiment and music entertainment.

    We can also offer a smoke sauna and hot tub for our guests, as a nice relaxation before dinner or after a meeting.

    Our ambition is to be able to offer the customer a bit of history with a customized visitor package in a historical environment.

    +358 50 343 2642