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Roadtrip - Vaasa for the adventurer

The adventurer gathers new experiences from the destinations along roadtrip 4. You might learn something new about yourself deep in the nature of the archipelago or whilst discovering new flavors. Anyhow, the best memories this summer are made along this route, that is, if you are ready to step out of your comfort zone.

1. Stay comfortably within the city center

The hotels in the city center are located close to all of the services the town has to offer. Explore and enjoy the city and the sea by foot or see what the rest of the region has to offer. The car is easy to arrive with and park at the hotels, seeing, as parking spaces are often located close to the hotels.

Original Sokos Hotel Vaakuna Vaasa

Scandic Vaasa


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2. Sup boarding, Wasa Up and the water tower

Looking for activities within the city? There are many options: SUP-boards are rented in Hietasaari, In Wasa Up activity center you can try climbing, the OCR-obstacle course, yoga or Pilates. Climbing is also possible inside the water tower.


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3. The gems of the world heritage site

A must for anyone visiting or living in the Vaasa region! Nature, the archipelago lifestyle, fun and in the very center of it all: the sea. By driving to the island, you will be crossing the longest bridge in Finland.


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Henkilön Kimmo Makkonen (@kimmomakkonen) jakama julkaisu

4. Kalle’s Inn

Sleep in a glasshouse, from where the view is beautiful as far as the eye can see. Enjoy a sauna experience in the relaxed archipelago environment.


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Henkilön Kristel – Travel Blogger (@lafilleagateaux) jakama julkaisu

5. Archipelago adventure

On an archipelago adventure time is of no relevance and rushing ruins the Zen-moment, which is achieved here, easier than anywhere else. An easy way to do this is to hop on an archipelago cruise with m/s Corina, which departs from the world heritage gate, at the Replot Bridge.


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Henkilön Kimmo Makkonen (@kimmomakkonen) jakama julkaisu

6. The ruins of the old town

The Ruins of the old town reminds us of the fire in Vaasa year 1852. The area is perfect for a medieval play-day with the kids, for a summer picnic or for a story time of times past.


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Rakastan raunioita ja niissä kuvaamista 😍

Henkilön Anrietta Kuosku Photography (@anriettakuosku) jakama julkaisu

7. Söderfjärden /  Meteoria

Explore the flatland created by a meteor some 520 million years ago, pay a visit to the Meteoria and climb up in the watchtower. And make sure to come back in the fall when Söderfjärden turns into a lay-by for cranes, before their long journey south.


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Henkilön Johan Vall 🇸🇪 Sweden (@johanvallpix) jakama julkaisu

8. Bergö

Bergö is a gem in Kvarken. Navigate your boat crew to the guest-harbor 62°58’30”N, 021°10’21”E or arrive with the ferry. Although Bergö is located only 10 minutes away from the mainland by ferry it feels like a completely different world.


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Henkilön VisitVaasa (@visitvaasa) jakama julkaisu

9. Molpe’s small gas station

Nostalgia guaranteed. Even though the car might not be in need of gas yet, swing by and refuel at Molpe’s small gas station. The enchantment of the past decades brings stories to life.


10. Ehrs Park

The Greek statues, found in Grannasberg, Vörå, take you on a trip into the worlds of Aphrodite, Zeus and Artemis. This park will surprise even the most experienced traveler.


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Henkilön Alexandra Furu (@alexandrafuru) jakama julkaisu

11. Pukkilansaari

Pukkilansaari is the gem of Isokyrö in the middle of the Kyrö River a short ferry-ride away from the mainland. Combine a trip here with a visit to Kyrö Distillery and the battlefield of Napue.


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Henkilön Satu Salmiranta (@satusunny) jakama julkaisu

Roadtrips in the Vaasa region