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Kaislat syksyllä meren rannalla

Autumn 2022 in Vaasa and the Vaasa region

Would you like a latte and pastry in a cosy café? Or a sausage cooked over a campfire out in the middle of nature? In the Vaasa region, you do not need to make that choice. Urban living and great experiences in nature are both part of daily life here for locals and visitors alike.

We have picked out the best destinations for you. All you need to do is choose your favourites and pack your bags. Read on for a taste of what we have to offer.

  • In the Vaasa region traditional salmon soup, thick-crust pizza and beautifully presented gourmet food all go hand in hand. Book your trip, skip lunch and arrive hungry!

  • We have collected favorite destinations as well as new acquaintances that are suitable for travelers of all ages. Are you in the mood for exciting activities or do you just want to take it easy?

  • If you prefer to spend your free time away from home, the Vaasa region offers such a wide range of culture, shopping and events that you will spend very little time in your hotel room.

  • It pays to update yourself with the latest and hottest tips just before the trip.

  • The Vaasa region is easy to reach regardless of where you start your journey, and once here the distances are short. If you are traveling from Sweden, you can conveniently take the ferry from Umeå.

  • Landscapes shaped by ice and sea and vast expanses of stunning flatlands.

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