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A visit filled with culture

If you are looking for inspiring experiences during your winter vacation, you will notice that there is no shortage of cultural offerings in the Vaasa region. How would it sound with a holiday consisting of inspiring museums, a glass of good wine and an entertaining theater performance? Perfect, we think. Enjoyed alone or in the company of like-minded people, to avoid bigger conflicts than whether to choose Cabernet or Malbec.

History and modern creations

At the Vaasa city museums, you can immerse yourself in the region’s history and art.

At the Ostrobothnian museum (Museokatu 3, Vaasa | Distance from the market square 1 km) the exhibition We Have a Dream tells about courage, humanity and human rights through portraits. The museum’s renewed natural science exhibition – Terranova is open again and worth a visit in itself.

In Tikanoja Art museum (Hovioikeudenpuistikko 4, Vaasa | Distance from the market square 500 m) you can still until March 12 peek into the stage life of Vaasa. The exhibition provides an overview of the theatre history in Vaasa, from the time of traveling theater troupes in the 19th century to the present day. The exhibition will highlight pieces from the history of the Vaasa City Theatre, the Wasa Teater, the Vaasa Opera and the Puppet Theatre Peukalopotti.

Kuntsi musuem of modern art (Inner harbor, Vaasa | Distance from the market square 1 km) opens the spring February 25 with works from the Swanljung Collection, an important collection of contemporary art consisting of 900 individual works by almost 400 artists. The exhibition on display at Kuntsi until August 20 emphasizes Finnish art from the 1980s onwards, but also includes international art.

From February 18 Land of Dreams – a three-channel video installation of Heidi Kilpeläinen’s Tango Therapy performance project – will be shown at the Vasa city art gallery in Vaasa city hall (Senaatinkatu 1 D, Vasa | Distance from the market square 300 m). The art gallery has free entry.

Entrance ticket to the other museums: € 10/€ 6. Under 18s free entry. With one ticket, you can visit Ostrobothnian museu, Tikanoja Art Museum and Kuntsi museum of modern art during the same day. Buy your ticket in advance.

Do you long to go to a concert?

Touching and beautiful classical music is a captivating experience. The Vaasa city orchestra’s captivating concerts will surely put you in the right mood on your cultural holiday. We cannot promise that you will go home from these concerts unaffected.

The main concert venue for the Vaasa City Orchestra is the historic and beautiful city hall right in the center of Vaasa.

Vasa City Orchestra | Familiarize yourself with the spring concert program

Experiences that tempt the taste buds

When you want to experience tastes built around the region’s best ingredients and Nordic flavors during your vacation, head towards Fröj in the center of town or Hejm down by the sea. The beautiful portions and the fantastic setting put the cherry on the cake to an unforgettable evening.

Restaurant FRÖJ | Hovioikeudenpuistikko 19| Distance from the market square 160 m| Information and bookings 

HEJM | Sininen tie 1 B, Vaasa | Distance from the market square 700 m | Infromation and bookings  

Stories to remember

After a lovely lunch or dinner, it is nice to sit down in a theater chair and enjoy stories filled with both deep emotions and humor. On the spring repertoire at Vaasa Finnish City Theater, the musical West Side Story and the farce “Puhtaana kahteen” continue. A play seasoned with humor about Fredrika Runeberg premieres in February, and starting from March 23, “Seitsemän koiraveljestä” will be performed – a dog-like interpretation of Aleksis Kivi’s classic novel. Vaasa City Theater offers subtitles in English for selected plays on the main stage.

Vaasan kaupunginteatteri, Puhtaana käteen. Kuva: Linus Lindholm

Vaasan kaupunginteatteri | Pitkäkatu 53, Vaasa | Distance from the market square 350 m | On the repertoire 

Cultural experiences beyond the ordinary

Wasa Theater offers world-class local experiences. So book your seat, sit back and enjoy the atmosphere in the historic theatre. On the repertoire, you find Heiman – a play with strong emotions and expressions, lots of music, but also depth in a story that spans decades and generations, as well as Adde Malmberg’s “Man får väl ställa upp”. On March 18, Patrik, Irene och pensionärsmakten, a performance for adventurous primary school children, has première. The plays are performed in Swedish, but many plays have subtitles also in English.

Heiman – Wasa teater

Wasa Teater | Hietasaarenkatu 7, Vaasa | Distance from the market square 550 m | Book tickets 

A glass of good wine to end the day

At the end of a day filled with cultural experiences, it’s nice to sit down and enjoy a glass of good wine. Among the restaurants in the center of Vaasa, you will surely find a place for the nightcap.

Events full of heart

The Vaasa region is full of events of all sizes to suit all preferences. Many events have resulted from the passion and enterprise of their organisers. Large events attract both local residents as well as visitors from other parts of Finland.
Up-to-date information can be found in our event calendar.

Rest your senses at hotel in Vaasa

After a day filled with experiences, it is wonderful to crawl down between the sheets in the hotel bed. The centre of Vaasa offers several hotel options when your feet need a rest.


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