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Erica Nygård

Flute - Principal

Malax born diploma flutist Erica Nygård began her flute studies in Music Institute Legato and continued in the Tampere Conservatory of Music under Seppo Planman and in the music performance department of the Sibelius Academy first under Anja Voipio and then Mikael Helasvuo. She graduated with honours in the spring of 2006 and graduated with a master’s degree in the spring of 2008. Nygård completed her studies in 2005 while studying at the Koninklijk Conservatorium in The Hague under Eline van Esch. In addition to her orchestra work, Nygård is currently studying  in Novia, Pietarsaari, under Dan Lönnqvist to become a church musician. She has complemented her studies with both organ and flute master classes.

Nygård has performed in several Finnish symphony orchestras. From 2003 she began as the Alternating Principal in the Vaasa City Orchestra. For the season 2007–2008 she performed in several Finnish symphony orchestras. Since 2003 she was the alternating principal in the Vaasa City Orchestra. For the season 2007-2008 she was the deputy solo flutist in the Helsinki City Orchestra, but in autumn 2008 she returned to her tenure in the Vaasa City Orchestra. Since the beginning of 2010 she has worked as the principal flute in the orchestra. For the autumn seasons 2013 and 2017 she was the principal flute in the Turku Philharmonic Orchestra.

Nygård often performs as a chamber musician and soloist and has performed not only in Finland but also abroad, for example in Scandinavia, Estonia, Germany, and the Netherlands. She is a founding member of Ensemble Transparent and, together with Niels Burgmann, forms a flute organ duo. Nygård has also made several radio and TV recordings. In 2011 he received a one-year work grant from the Svenska Kulturfonden and in 2018 the Malax Municipality Culture Award.