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Roadtrip in the Vaasa region

Fill up the tank, bags in the tailgate and navigator in the direction of Vaasa. Roadtrip is a great way to spend your vacation and a holiday in the Vaasa region will surprise even an experienced domestic traveler with its ease and versatile offer. Choose Vaasa as your main place, take day trips to the surrounding area and return to enjoy the summer evenings of the magnificent seaside town.

Auringonlasku Saaristo

Experience Kvarken archipelago

The unique Kvarken Archipelago is Finland's only Natural World Heritage Site on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

The Kvarken archipelago

Culture in Vaasa region


Accommodations in Vaasa region

A wide range of local accommodation is available: you can choose a glasshouse by the sea, enjoy a cottage with all the mod cons, or slip between the freshly laundered sheets of a comfortable hotel. You are sure to find the ideal place for you and your family.


Eat, drink and enjoy

It is a pleasure to enjoy good food in the Vasa Region. In the many high-class restaurants, you can experience how locally produced ingredients is turned into to the latest food trends. Enjoy your meal!

Taste Vaasa region