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Roadtrip - Vaasa for families

Roadtrip 2 is especially well suited for families with children and the one who still enjoy an adventure filled with activities. The destinations, easily reachable by car, are filled with joy, life and the wonders of nature, and places where putting the energy, built up in the time spent on the road, to good use is easy and encouraged.

1. Accommodation

Scandic Waskia right next to Tropiclandia and Original Sokos Hotel Royal Vaasa in the city center are both perfectly suited for families. Family friendly service is guaranteed!

1a. Scandic Waskia

1b. Original Sokos Hotel Royal Vaasa

2. Tropiclandia

Located near the city center Tropiclandia is a waterpark where you can swim and have a blast both in- and outdoors, which means fun is available in all weather conditions.


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Henkilön Kylpylä Tropiclandia (@kylpylatropiclandia) jakama julkaisu

3. Zip Adventure Park

It is time for some adventure in your life! An obstacle course up in the trees to challenge yourself and enjoy the thrill as well as the view. Suitable for all ages.


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Henkilön Zip Adventure Park (@zip_park) jakama julkaisu

4.  Beaches

Within a three-kilometer radius of the city center, you can find seven different beaches and there are plenty more in the region. Karperö beach is located outside the city and is perfectly suited for families with children and those travelling by car.

5. Playgrounds

The ultimate day for families with children is spent moving from one playground to the other. There are many lovely playgrounds in Vaasa but the Action park in onkilahti is many peoples favorite. Climbing in the pirate ship is fun for the whole family.

6. Replot bridge, the world heritage gate and Berny’s

The longest bridge in Finland is the arrival to the world heritage gate, here you can find fascinating information about the nature, history and services of the world heritage site. Restaurant Berny’s serves delicious food with an amazing sea-view.


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Henkilön Restaurang Bernys (@restaurangbernys) jakama julkaisu

7. Saltkaret ja Salteriet

Saltkaret is a observation tower; at the top, the view of the world heritage site is second to none. Take a hike on one of the nature trails in the nearby area, go for a long hike, grill some sausage on an open fire and don’t forget to leave your greeting in the guestbook. Salteriet is located in the Svedjehamn harbor, right next to the parking lot, stop by for coffee or lunch.


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8. Aava Kertun kotitila – Farm

At Aava Kertus’ home farm you can find more common and less common pets. This one is a guaranteed favorite for the children.


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9. PowerPark

In Powerpark funland visitors only have on task, having fun! Having fun is easy since you can arrive here in one hour with car from Vaasa and there is plenty of parking spots to leave the car whilst you are off having fun in the amusement park.


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Henkilön PowerPark (@huvivaltio_powerpark) jakama julkaisu

10. Ähtäri Zoo

You can see Giant pandas in only 48 locations outside of China. Two of which have found their home in Ähtäri. In addition to the pandas you can find 60 other species and plenty other fun activities here.


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Henkilön Ähtäri Zoo (@ahtarizoo) jakama julkaisu

Roadtrips in the Vaasa region