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Student discount

Get discount on products and services by showing your student card.
Here's a list of stores and restaurants in Vaasa city centre:

Store Discount
Arnolds -10% on all norm. Priced products
Aroma -10%
Avocas -10% on products
Bakery & Café Tammipiha -10% discount
Bock’s Brewery Bock’s beer & cider (norm. Tap beer and 0,33l bottles)
Brothers -10% discount (can not be combined with other offers or tailoring. Only valid in stores)
Café de Paris Big Coffe and hot chocolate for small cup price
Clas Ohlson -10%
Espresso House -10% discount on everything
Flow -15% on service
Fondis -10% on a la carte courses
Friends & Brgrs -10% discount on everything
Görans Konditori -10%
Görans konditoria -10% on service
Hair Rewell Center -15%
Hairlekiini -10% on service
Hovisepät Oy -15% on norm. Priced products (does not apply to Rolex, Tudor, SUF, De Motu products and handworks)
Ilkka-Pohjalainen Print  + Digi combination from 20€ / month (norm. 384€ / year)
Digi 12€ / month (201,60€ / year)
Instrumentarium -10%
Iris Optikko -20% on glasses and sunglasses
iTronic Vasa -10% discount on mac computers
Juku -10%
Jungle Juice bar -10%
Jääskeläinen Oy -10%
Karisma Tiger of Sweden jean, men & women, -10%
Kotipizza 0,4l soda from tap for free
Kultajousi -20%
Laukkutalo -10%
Life -10%
Little Pub 1€ discount on products on tap
Magokoro -10%
Makukauppa -10%
Minun / Min -10% on all norm. Priced products
Nissen -10% (don’t apply on insurances and eye doctor fees)
Pancho Villa Pan Pancho hamburger Monday-Thursday 10€, tap beer 5€, soda 3€, a la carte -10%
Problemboden – Pulmapuoti -10%
R-kioski Coffee 1,50€, Hotdog 2€
Ristorante Momento -10% on food portions
Skafferiet at Ritz Kino Ritz tickets 8€ (norm 10€). Discount on selected conserts
Specsavers -25% discount when buying glasses from 79€
Subway -10%
Taito Shop Loftet -10% on all products
Timanttiset -15%
Vaasan kaupunginorkesteri Discount on singel tickets
Vaasan keskusapteekki -5% discount (does not apply to medicine)
Vaasan Luonnonravinto -10% on norm. priced products
Wasa Teater Discount on theaters own shows
Venn Sun-Thurs Tankwine 4€/12cl (norm 6,80€)
Vöråpojken Café Espen -10% discount
Zoomi -10% on all products and passport photos
Vaasan kaupungin museot Entrance 6€ (norm 9€) (Ostrobothnian Museum, Kuntsi Museum of Modern art, Tikanoja Art Museum, Museum of old Vaasa
Combination ticket 9€ (norm 12€): Valid for visits to Ostrobothnian Museum, Tikanoja Art Museum, Kuntsi Museum of Modern Art and The Museum of Old Vaasa during one day.
Pakopeli Findout Reuterholms library 100 € (norm. 120 €)
The Cotton Mill 80 € (norm. 96 €)
Potero Back Room 150€ (norm 180€)
The discount is valid if at least half of the group has the syudent card
Wasa Citybus One month card 29€ (norm 35€)
Busticket with card 1€ (norm 1,33€)