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Visit Vaasa's Summer Bus, Tuesdays 6.7.-10.8. - History of Korsnäs and three-handed knitting

The museum grounds feature both the vicarage museum and the local history museum.  Coffee is served in the vicarage museum. If you would like to grill sausages, there is an outdoor grill by the nature trail. Sausages can be bought from the vicarage museum. Books, post cards and souvenirs are also for sale.

Korsnäs Vicarage Museum

The Korsnäs Vicarage Museum is housed in the old vicarage built in 1832. An extension was built in the 1890s when the building took on its current form. The museum exhibits the typical home of an Ostrobothnian priest in the late 19th century. The exhibit has been restored as close to its original form as possible. The interiors such as the masonry heaters have remained in the house since the 1890s. The wallpaper has been printed according to old patterns, such as the Korsnäs wallpaper. In the attic, a school museum exhibits the education that vicar Sigurd Öhrnberg provided in the 1930s.

Korsnäs Local Museum

The museum premises today include the old servants’ cottage, the windmill, the forge, the granary, and the loft building. The main room of the cottage recreates the interior of a farmhouse from the first decades of the 20th century. An exhibition on the top floor of the cottage shows the seal hunt and its hardships. The textile chamber houses an extensive collection of textiles, showing the variety of color in the weaving art in Korsnäs.

The Korsnäs Sweater

The Korsnäs sweater is a special kind of sweater made and used in Korsnäs during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. It is a unique piece of clothing, mainly because it has both crocheted and knitted sections in bright colors, and was originally mostly worn by men on special occasions. The sweater was made under the supervision of knowledgeable master craftswomen. Three women frequently knit the knitted parts of the sweater simultaneously. This three-hand knitting will be showcased at 10.30–11.30 AM. The museum’s collection is comprised of several Korsnäs sweaters of earlier and later origin.

Bus timetable

Departure from Vaasa, Tusdays 6.7.-10.8.2021
08.50 Top Camping Vaasa, Niemeläntie 1
08.55 Hotel Scandic Waskia, Lemmenpolku 3
09.00 Sokos Hotel Royal Vaasa, Hovioikeudenpuistikko 18

Arrival at activity
10.00 Korsnäsin kirkonkylä, museoalue (Kyrkobyvägen 32)

Departure from activity
12.45 Korsnäsin kirkonkylä, museoalue (Kyrkobyvägen 32)

Arrival in Vaasa
14.00 Sokos Hotel Royal Vaasa
14.05 Hotel Scandic Waskia
14.10 Top Camping Vaasa

Bus ticket (round trip): 10 €/adult, 5 €/child 3-12 years.

When you book the bus ticket you can also reserve:

  • Entrance ticket to the museums: 10 €/persons, under 12 years free of charge


Seats in the bus must be booked in advance and no later than 18.00 the evening before the tour.

All torus 1.7.-15.8.2021