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Family Counselling

The Family Counselling office offers specialist assistance for families facing problems in their family life. The task of the Family Counselling office is to support the positive development of children and young people and the welfare and functionality of families.



The Family Counselling office has social workers, psychologists, a consulting child psychiatrist and office secretary. Its services are confidential and free.

You can contact the Family Counselling office:

* if you need help with your relationship with your partner, with parenthood or with the relationships between children and adults

* when you are worried about your child’s behaviour or wellbeing

* to have support in mediation discussions (before the decision to get a divorce, during or after it).

How to take service in use

You can make inquiries about the Family Counselling office by phone at 06 325 3958. Appointments can be made from Monday to Friday from 10:00–11:00 at 06 325 2650.

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