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General upper secondary school education

Upper secondary education is general education following basic education that gives the students capabilities for studying at universities and universities of applied sciences as well as in vocational education and training based on the general upper secondary school syllabus. The students can select the general upper secondary school to which they apply. The general upper secondary schools select their students. The average grades required for admittance vary by year and by school. The scope of the general upper secondary school syllabus is three years. This syllabus must be completed in no more than four years, unless additional time is granted for a student for a justified reason. The syllabus may also be completed by participating in separate tests. In order to complete his or her general upper secondary education, the student must pass a minimum of 75 courses acceptably. In general upper secondary education for adults, this minimum number is 44 courses. General upper secondary education is organised by municipalities, joint municipal authorities, registered organisations or foundations to which the Ministry of Education and Culture has granted authorisation.
The upper secondary school is a course formed school, which does not have year classes. The upper secondary school educations aims at a matriculation examination. The education is arranged among others in upper secondary schools and senior secondary schools for adults. The upper secondary school’s syllabus is three years, but if wanted the studying time can be shortened or extended. In Vaasa you can study the upper secondary school in Finnish, Swedish and English. There are four upper secondary schools in Vaasa: Vaasan lyseon lukio (incl. senior alternative), Vasa gymnasium, Vasa övningsskola gymnasium as well as its IB field of studies and Vasa svenska aftonläroverk.

Do the following

The joint application system is used to apply for a place at a general upper secondary school.
Respective upper secondary school has more information on their web pages. You can apply for entry to an upper secondary school through the joint application system.
The instruction is free. The students pay for their books.