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Interpreting and Translation Services

Interpreter and translation services for immigrants, authorities, companies and persons in Ostrobothnia are organised by Mico Botnia Oy Ab, Interpretation- and translation services. 



Interpreter services are provided comprehensively in many languages. Discussions that take place via an interpreter increase linguistic equality, because all the parties in the discussion can use their own mother tongue.

It also reduces the chance of misunderstandings and guesswork. Interpretation saves time and resources and enables the transfer of information despite language barriers.

How to take service in use

Appointments are always made by interpreting services phone 0206 19 8080. Interpreting services is open Monday - Friday 8 - 16 (8 am. - 4 pm.)

Fax  06 312 2005

Emergency duty (only in acute cases) on weekdays 16 - 22 (4 pm. -10 pm.), Saturday – Sunday 9 – 22 (9 am. – 10 pm.) phone 0206 19 8080.

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