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Basic education

Basic education is education delivered in accordance to a curriculum that supports the pupils’ growth as human beings and members of society and teaches them the knowledge and skills they need. It confers every pupil the same eligibility for upper secondary education. Compulsory education applies to children who are permanent residents in Finland in the year in which they turn seven years old. Compulsory education ends when the children have completed the basic education syllabus or ten years have passed since they started in compulsory education. The period of compulsory education may be extended due to a disability or illness. Adults may complete the basic education syllabus for example at a general upper secondary school for adults, a folk high school or an adult education centre.
The basic education is free of charge. In addition to the basic education, also the textbooks and other teaching materials and accessories are free of charge. The pupils also have the right to a free full meal during every school day and on certain preconditions free school transports. The pupil also has the right to the student welfare needed to be able to participate in the education. In Vaasa, basic education is mostly given in basic schools maintained by the city. The city is producing education services for about 5 100 pupils in basic school, of which 1 200 are attending Swedish language education. There are 14 Finnish language and 5 Swedish language basic schools where basic education is arranged in the city of Vaasa. Furthermore, there are a few private schools; Vaasan kristillinen koulu and Vaasan Rudolf Steiner-koulu as well as a state-run school, Vasa Övningsskola in the City.

Registrations for a school should be submitted in January through electronic registration in the WILMA programme. 

For further information:

administrative secretary Therese Kangas, tel. 06 325 3202

education secretary Erja Kujanpää, tel. 06 325 3211

New pupils are entered for basic education during the year when the child turns seven years old. The instructions for entering are sent to the homes in the beginning of January. The compulsory school aged children moving to Vaasa are entered at the education secretaries within the child guidance and school authorities (Finnish speaking pupils) or to the administrative secretary (Swedish speaking pupils).




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