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Receiving Refugees and Their Integration

The services include receiving refugees when they first arrive, guiding and advising them, preliminary assessments, integration plans, social work and income support.




Customers include quota refugees, asylum seekers who have been granted a residence permit, returnees and, in some cases, other immigrants according to their need for service. Kotomaja also organises integration training for their customers who are unemployed.

Customers are provided services that help them to get along in the new society and manage on their own. Special attention is given to openness and equality. One of the main functions is to promote acceptance of diverse cultures.


• reception of refugees and persons arriving through the family reunification process

• social services for immigrants

• integration of immigrants

• advice and guidance

• to offer education, consultation and information about immigrants

The target groups for this service are quota refugees and asylum seekers who have been granted a residence permit in Finland.

How to take service in use

Socialwork for children and families phone 06 325 4398

Socialwork for adults phone 06 325 2947

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