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  • Finland’s Youth Association Museum

    Alkiontie 6, Laihia

    laihan nuorisoseruamuseo

    Step inside the Youth Association Museum. In the Youth Association Museum the visitor can get acquainted with the exciting and eventful history of our organization spanning 135 years. How did we become us? We have gathered a basic collection around thematic entities, that each recount our history.

  • Laihia church

    Laihiantie 37, Laihia

    Laihia Church is the third church in this place and it was built between 1803-1805. The church represents early neoclassicism.

    +358 6 477 7700

  • Laihia Museum and the Museum of Stinginess

    Rudontie 234, Laihia

    Laihian Kotiseutumuseo

    The Laihia Museum and the Museum of Stinginess are a versatile travel destination for the whole family. The objects and buildings in the museum tell the tale of a typical Ostrobothnian estate of the late 19th century. The famous stinginess of the people of Laihia is represented with worn-out items, with a twinkle in the eye.

    The Laihia Museum is situated in the Rapila House built in 1827. The building is on its original site, but the museum was relocated there in the 1970s. Rapila used to be a wealthy estate; the walls were for instance painted and decorated with floral patterns.

    In the museum are over 5 000 artefacts and 16 buildings, the oldest one of them a grain barn from the year 1731. The objects date back to the 18th and 19th century. One of the oldest items in the museum is a bridal bench with the year “1683” carved in its back. There are also displayed grave heaps discovered in Laihia and for instance ancient findings dating back to the Iron Age. On view in the attic are tools and textiles, for example pieces of clothing from the wartime.

    +358 40 501 8521


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