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  • Nature trails and hiking routs in the Vaasa Region

  • Närpes church

    Kirkkotie 17, Närpiö

    Närpiö Church is a white stone church, which oldest part was built in 1435. The church has been rebuilt many times.

    +358 6 220 4200ärpiön-kirkko

  • Närpes Churchstables

    Närpes kyrka, Kyrkvägen, Närpes

    Närpes - Närpiön kirkkotallit

    It happens sometimes that first time visitors to Närpes get a wide eye surprise when they go past the church right outside of the downtown core. Rows and rows of small, red, windowless buildings, app. 150 in total, can be seen there. These are the unique church stables. They were used in the old days for housing horses during the church service. The stables were built for the horses and the long protruding roofs were intended to offer protection for sleighs and buggies.

    The oldest preserved church stables stem from the end of the 18th century, but some were built in the beginning of the 20th century. At the most 400 stables were once in use. Nowadays you can walk freely around the area of the church stables, but those who want to know more can also book a guide.

  • Pörtom church

    Centrumvägen 12, Pirttikylä

    The construction of the church in Pörtom started in 1781 and it was ready for consecration in September 1783. The bell tower was built in 1790, and the pulpit was made by Natanael Rönnlund in 1818.

    +358 6 220 4200än-kirkko

  • Öjskogsparken open-air museum

    Kyrkvägen 23, Närpes


    Öjskogsparken is an open-air museum with some 20 historic museum buildings. The main building, Bengtsgården, is an old 18th century farm house with a well preserved interior. Other buildings include Haga’s village store, the school house, the apothecary museum, the green house museum and other functional buildings, a drying house, a windmill and minor log-cabins. In the summer there is a guide in the park as well as many organized events. Guiding can be arranged according to agreement at other times. There is also the possibility to rent a restaurant hall.

    +358 40 505 5377

  • Övermark church

    Vasavägen 1522, Övermark

    The church in Övermark was built 1875-1878, because the parish had been granted independency from the parish of Närpes by the tsar in 1871.

    +358 6 225 3452