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  • Meteoria Söderfjärden

    Marenintie 294, Vaasa

    Söderfjärdenin Meteoriihi

    Meteoria Söderfjärden is a unique visiting centre in the middle of the most beautiful meteorite crater in Finland

    • An advanced exhibition telling  a long story of at least 520 million years of Söderfjärden
      – from an impact crater to the agricultural and Natura 2000 area of today
    • A well-equipped astronomical observatory with a telescope for studies of celestial bodies millions of light years out into the universe
    • A bird-watching tower in the middle of the most important resting area for cranes in Finland
    • A cafeteria in an old treshing barn
    • A model of our solar system, a model of the crater an a timeline of earths history: TellusTimeLine
    • An energy cellar – own production of renewable energy: solar and wind
    • An exhibition with unique meteorites and an exhibition with old farming machinery

    The exhibition is open for individuals and small groups during the opening hours. An exhibition tour on other hours than the usual opening hours, can easily be arranged for bigger groups simply by booking online.

    A certified crater guide is always present on normal opening hours and other hours, if booked in advance.

    The bird watching tower and the exhibition outside the building is available free of charge, every hour per day and every day per year.

    +358 50 556 5199


  • Vaasa church

    Kirkkopuistikko 24, Vasa

    Vaasa Church was planned by the architect C. A. Setterberg and consecrated in 1869. The church, built in an English neo-gothic style, has a capacity of almost 900 people. The last restoration took place in the year 2000.

    +358 6 326 1211

  • World Heritage Gateway

    Replotvägen 2, Korsholm

    The Visitor Centre The World Heritage Gateway is located by the Replot bridge. The brand-new exhibition Weichsel and the info point Littorina tell the story of the World Heritage; how the Ice Age, land uplift, waves and ice have affected the scenery of the archipelago and the inhabitants’ lives through out millennia. The exhibition Weichsel has a small entrance fee.

    The Art Gallery Arte Mare and Berny’s Restaurant and Cafe are in the same premises. The art gallery and the info point Littorina are always open when the restaurant is open.

    +358 50 3466 200


  • Old Vaasa

    Vanha-Vaasa, Vaasa

    Old Vaasa (Finnish Vanha Vaasa, Swedish Gamla Vasa), is situated approximately 7 km southeast of Vaasa city centre and is classified as a valuable landscape area of national significance. Vanha Vaasa is an area with much to offer, embodying sights and attractions reflecting culture, ancient history, settlement and natural beauty.

    The history of Vaasa can be traced to the early 14th century when sailors from Norrland landed on a forested island at the site of Old Vaasa. In the 1370’s Korsholm Castle was already being built on the spot. After the last ice age the land has been continuously rising in these parts of Finland. At the time Korsholm Castle was built, the area between Old Vaasa and the present town was  under water and the coastline was further inland compared to the current one. Even as late as about 200 years ago ships sailed to Vaasa along the channel that now, almost filled in, meanders across fields.

    On a hot August morning in 1852 a disastrous fire broke out in Vaasa. The houses had either thatch or bark roofs and buildings were separated only by narrow gaps. By nightfall the flourishing town had turned into smoking ruins.

    Vaasa was rebuilt some seven kilometers closer to the coast. The relocation provided better prospects for trade and a better harbour as well as a safer and more modern town plan. The legal town status of Vaasa was moved to new Vaasa in 1862. By the 1880’s, the construction of the Vaasa railroad had begun and a station building was erected in Old Vaasa. However, the area did not begin repopulating until the 1920’s.

    Read more about Old Vaasa!

    Read more about the history of Old Vaasa.


  • Replot bridge

    Replotvägen 1, Korsholm

    Raippaluodon silta on Suomen pisin silta.

    Let the Replot bridge lead you to the northern part of the Kvarken Archipelago World Heritage area!

    The bridge is 1045 metres long which makes it the longest bridge in Finland. By the bridge, park your car at the parking area by the Restaurant and Café Berny’s, walk up to the bridge and take in the scenery. Visit also the World Heritage Gateway in the same premises with the restaurant. There you can get tips for your trip to the archipelago.

    The bridge opened in 1997 and Martti Ahtisaari and Ólafur Ragnar Grimsson, the previous presidents of Finland and Iceland, attended the opening on the 27th of August. The bridge replaced ferries and thousands of people cross the bridge every day. The pylons rise 82,5 meters above sea level and the clearance height for boats is 26 meters.

    Photo: Esa Siltaloppi/ES Visuals

  • The gems of the archipelago

    Kvarkens skärgård, Vaasa


    One of the Kvarken’s specialties is definitely the De Geer moraines, or washboard moraines, that form clear streaks in the scenery. You can see these formations best from the observation tower Saltkaret or along the Bodvattnet nature trail.

    Is it difficult to choose which place to visit in the Kvarken? Here is some tips of the archipelago’s gems for you!


  • The Kvarken Archipelago World Heritage Site

    Merenkurkun saaristo

    Saaristo ilmakuva

    The unique Kvarken Archipelago is Finland’s only Natural World Heritage Site on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Together with Sweden’s High Coast, the Kvarken Archipelago is the best place in the world to experience and understand the land uplift phenomenon caused by the last Ice Age.

    +358 50 346 6200


  • Vaasa Car and Engine Museum

    Myllykatu 18, 65100 Vaasa

    Vaasan auto- ja moottorimuseo

    In the Vaasa Car and Engine Museum are displayed vehicles from each decade of the 20th century. Come and get acquainted with the widest collection of old and a little newer cars in Vaasa. On display are also a wide selection of products from engine factories in Vaasa as well as some theme exhibitions.

    The Vaasa Car and Engine Museum opened its doors in 1981. There are motors and cars in the museum all the way from the beginning of the 20th century to the present day. The history of traffic and vehicles is displayed in the museum with the help of renovated cars and other vehicles. Among these can be mentioned the horse-drawn ambulance dating back to 1909.

    There are also several fire trucks and other fire fighting equipment on view, and let’s not forget the bicycle. The vast collection of bicycles in the museum offers the visitor the possibility to get acquainted with the trajectory of this vehicle. In addition there are some soapbox cars, snowmobiles, motorcycles and mopeds in the collection.

    +358 44 569 2690