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TaiKon - Basic education in art in Vaasa

TaiKon offers qualitative basic education in art in Vaasa to children and youngsters. A hobby provides a fun time together with friends and enjoyable experiences through art. The teaching is intended for children and youngsters (5-18 year olds) and is held at their spare time. The teachers are professionals within the different forms of art. The activities are arranged in secure and appropriate spaces.

Basic education in art in Vaasa
- Practical information

In Vaasa education in visual arts, crafts and theater arts is given according to the general curriculum. In the education of music and dance the education is also based upon the curriculum. The teaching groups gather during the afternoons and evenings 1-3 times per week, depending on which art form the students are attending (look at the weekly schedule under respective art form).

The period of application for new students in visual arts, crafts, contemporary dance, theater, circus and audiovisual arts is in May (music, dance classes for children and classical ballet look up the Kuula-institute). Information about the received spot, time for when the studies begin and the group of which the pupil will participate in will be sent per e-mail in June.

What is basic education in art?
• To children and youngsters art is a natural way of developing and realizing themselves.
• The basic education in art is assigned to support the students personal development and give the opportunity to express oneself in a safe environment.
• Basic education in art is targeted to yearly develop art education within different forms of art. The teaching is a leisure time activity and is first and foremost intended for children and youngsters.
• The education offers knowledge and skills that will enable the students to later on apply for professional studies within a certain form of art.

TaiKon arranges education in following art forms:

Visual arts

Visual arts develop the child’s ability to express oneself through image and shapes. During the teaching the child is encouraged to independent, creative thinking through different techniques and methods. The pupils practice painting, drawing, three-dimensional construction, graphics and other forms of expressions within visual arts. Within the groups you observe and explore the local environment and familiarize with different materials.


During the education in crafts, items of art and usage is planned and created. Versatile materials and techniques are used in the making of the different crafts. The education also brings up how to work with textile material, material of wood and ceramics.

Audiovisual art

The pupil practices storytelling through pictures, audio and music. During the year animations and short films are made. The teaching language of this course is Finnish.


Theater arts practice the basics in how to express yourself. The hobby is based upon activity and the method "learning by doing". The pupil will familiarize with different parts of the theater arts: acting, dramaturgy, production, costume and make-up, scenography and light- and audio planning.


Acrobatics, juggling, clowning, expressions, balancing… circus contains multiple forms of art.


Dancing offers joy and versatile experiences. Modern dance, ballet and dance classes for children develop the pupils’ creativity and their power of expression. During the lessons the pupils learn basic skills and techniques e.g. modern dance techniques, jazz techniques, hip hop and acrobatics. Modern dance develops coordination, strength, body awareness and control, and also practice in expression through movement.


Choose between acoustic or amplified instruments or song. Beside your own lessons it is fun to play among others. The repertoire consists of both older and more modern music. For the youngest ones there is a group called "Musiklekis".
Music studies are arranged by Kuula-opisto.


Basic education in arts – TaiKon
Address: Kasern 11, Östra Kaserntorget 7-9, 65100 Vasa

You'll find a map to TaiKon here.

TaiKons office at Kasern 11 is normally open on weekdays from 9-5.
The door close by Korsholmsesplanaden is open (the door with a mailbox).

Leading teaching Sini Björholm
Tel: 0400 256 961 (69-3468)

Building manager Kari Kaartinen
Tel: 040 179 9681 (69-9681)

E-mail addresses are

Locations of educations

1. Stalli
Itäinen Kasarmintori 8-10/Västra Kaserntorget 8-10
- crafts (wood)

2. TaiKon - Kasarmi 11/Kasern 11
Itäinen Kasarmintori 7-9/Östra Kaserntorget 7-9
- visual arts, crafts (ceramics, textile), theater, circus, AV-arts, contemporary dance

3. Vaasa-opisto/Areenasalen
Opistokatu 1/Opistogatan 1
- contemporary dance (also in TaiKon)

4. Kuula-opisto
Vuorikatu 16/Skeppsgatan 16 (Myllykatu 2/Kvarngatan 2)
- dance, music

Registration and prices

New students can apply for TaiKon's courses with the registration form (by coming in to TaiKons office in Kasern 11 at Östra Kaserntorget 7-9) or via internet.

Language in courses for basic education in arts in Vaasa is either Finnish or Swedish. Finnish courses are arranged by Vaasa-opisto and Swedish courses by Vasa Arbis.

When applying by internet, use "" address for Swedish courses and "" for Finnish courses.
Below, after course name there is a number to use when registering by internet (copy the number below, go to registering page and choose "Ilmoittautuminen" or "Anmälning" depending on language, and paste the number into "Hae kursseja" / "Sök kurser").

Visual art (Finnish: 091400 / Swedish:)
Preparatory: _€ │Basic studies: _€ │Workshop studies: _€

Crafts (Finnish: 091600 / Swedish: )
Basic studies: _€ │Basic studies: _€ │Workshop studies: _€

Audiovisual art (Finnish only: 091450)
Basic studies: _€

Theater (Finnish: 091200 / Swedish:)
Basic studies 1: _€│Basic studies 2 & 3: _€│Workshop 1: _€│Workshop 2: _€

Circus (Finnish: 091250 / Swedish:)
* Circus courses are bilingual.
Basic studies: _€

Contemporary dance (Finnish: 091800 / Swedish: 141200)
* Contemporary dance courses are bilingual.
Beginning: _€ │ Basic studies 1: _€│Basic studies 2: _€│
Basic studies 3: _€│Basic studies 4: _€

Music studies are arranged by Kuula-opisto.

More information about registrations is given by leading teacher, tel. 0400 256 961.


Discounts for siblings – If two or more children of the same family participate in the basic art education (does not concern children who studies at Kuula-opisto) is given a discount: 10% for the second child, 20% for the third child and so on.

Discount for those who are unemployed – The children of those who are unemployed is given a 50% discount on the course fee. The people who live in Vaasa that has been granted basic allowance from FPA can apply for exemption from their children’s course fee. Forms will be given from the course secretary at Vasa Arbis.

Following directions are followed in the basic education in art

If the pupil chooses to interrupt their studies one should immediately hand in a written notification to the office at Kasarmi 11 (Itäinen Kasarmintori 7-9, 65100 Vaasa) or via e-mail to the leading teacher in basic education in art (sini.bjorholm(at) The final date is counted as the day when the office receives the notification. If the pupil interrupts his/her studies within 3-6 weeks from the beginning of the semester, half of the course fee will be billed. If the studies are interrupted later on, the whole course fee will be billed.