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2016/09/21 2:13pm

World’s best nature films can be seen in Vaasa

The international Wildlife Vaasa nature film festival and competition brings world’s best nature films and their makers to Vaasa September 28th – October 2nd. During the festival the films can be seen for free in the Fanny culture centre (Kulttuuritalo Fanny) and the Draama hall in the city library.

During the five days 180 nature films from 58 countries will be screened in Vaasa. The films will be screened thematically, and the themes are Australia, Africa, the Americas, Asia, Nordic films, science, energy, nature conservation, climate change, natural history and underwater movies.

During show time in Fanny some of the filmmakers will be present to tell about their experiences in filmmaking and answering questions from the public.

The award ceremony of the competition will take place on Saturday evening, October 1st, in Fanny culture centre.  The Festival winners will be screened in Fanny and the Draama hall in the city library on Sunday, October 2nd.

The program also includes photo exhibitions and nature excursions

Apart from showing the films the program of Wildlife Vaasa contains presentations by the filmmakers and panel discussions, photo exhibitions and nature excursions to Söderfjärden and the Kvarken Archipelago natural world heritage area.  

The events are free of charge for the public.

The program and time schedules for the films during the Wildlife Vaasa festival can be found on the web:

Further details:

Ilias Missyris, cultural coordinator, producer of the Wildlife Vaasa festival, City of Vaasa, phone: 0400 800 302, ilias.missyris(at)

Photo: From the film Wild Albania - In the land of the eagle, Cornelia Volk