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Kierrätyslogo maiseman päällä
21.3.2019 - 11:53
I love muovi (plastic) is a nationwide campaign to make Finns sort their plastic packaging and value plastic. When everyone sorts their own waste individually, the combined result will have a big effect on protecting the environment. The competition time for Vaasa is April 10–12, 2019, culminating in an event on the market square on April 12.
Vaskiluoto, Sami Peltoniemi
7.11.2018 - 16:14
An updating of the partial master plan affecting the Vaskiluoto district of Vaasa has started. To allow for proposals and evaluations, the partial master plan can be seen on the planning notice board and on the planning website from 5.11. – 7.12. 2018. During that time, both residents and entrepreneurs can share their thoughts by submitting opinions on the mapping or answering the online survey.